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What else is included and what will be coming soon? Learn more in a conversation with our experts Sarah Weidenbacher and Stephan Schrade from Customer Service, Wolfgang Boos from Product Management and Christoph Behmüller from Training.

Sarah Weidenbacher - Customer Service
Sarah Weidenbacher - Customer Service

MyLiebherr – what can our customers expect here?

Stephan Schrade: MyLiebherr is our digital customer portal. So it is where all digital offers, applications and services are combined and clearly and simply presented to our customers. It already includes a wide range of applications and functions - and there will be new options and enhancements coming all the time. One thing is important to us here: A large number of offers are free to use or at least free basic licences are available - which means that the customer just has to register to be able to use a large number of our offers. We want make our customers a clear simple offer with MyLiebherr. All services and all offers under one roof.

New design, revised navigation, modern interface. MyLiebherr is on the right track, as initial feedback from our customers shows.

Sarah Weidenbacher - Customer Service

What are the latest developments?

Sarah Weidenbacher: Last year, we worked on a new design and a completely new interface. Anyone who has logged in or registered since May will notice a big difference here. The homepage now shows registered customers their entire fleet of machines, with various applications that belong to the equipment, such as the documentation, the option to replace the diesel particulate filter or even the matching spare parts catalogue. In addition to the ability to quickly contact their contact partner in Customer Service, customers will see the app launcher in their overview, containing all available applications - so for example our Crane Planner 2.0, the Crane Finder, the LICCON job planner or the licence shop. I think we have taken a big step forward with this new launch and design. This has been clearly shown by the initial conversations with our customers and also some usability tests, in other words tests with crane operators who have clicked through the portal.

Wolfgang Boos: At the same time, we are working on our telemetry application. It is extremely important to us to not only show the crane's data - but also to prepare, analyse and present these data in a meaningful way. In future, for example, we want to precisely display and use elements known from the passenger car sector, such as fuel consumption, operating hours, etc. as well as data from the crane control and the ambient data, such as temperature and wind, which we will make available online in real time. The customer will have the ability to define sites of application and thereby create application logs, which for example state the support force or even the CO2 emissions. The whole thing is of course a complex field and starts with data availability.

What does that mean specifically?

Wolfgang Boos: The crane must be able to transmit operating and condition data. This is done using a modem. Most cranes that have been produced since early 2022 as well as our LICCON3 cranes already have the modems installed by default. For all older cranes, we would like to offer retrofit options in future. We will present our new telemetry application in full for the first time at Bauma.

In interview - Stephan Schrade and Christoph Behmüller (f. l. t. r.)
In interview - Stephan Schrade and Christoph Behmüller (f. l. t. r.)

Sarah Weidenbacher: In order for the customer to use this, a MyLiebherr account is required of course on the one hand, and the customer's crane must also be registered. This is quick and easy to do and is absolutely free. The steps are simple: When registering via, the customer’s company is created or - if it already exists - the person is added to the company account. Then a business relationship can be taken up with the competent service partner and then the cranes can be registered. Once the crane is registered, we will provide numerous applications. Licences are required for some applications, which can then be purchased in the licence area.

What other offers exist in MyLiebherr and what are you working on at the moment?

Christoph Behmüller: We are already offering our e-learning for mobile crane operators in the portal. This is a theory unit, which crane drivers should always know as a sort of crane operating 101 training - there is even a free trial unit. We of course offer this training in different languages - it has the advantage that every participant here can learn whenever and wherever is most convenient. Practical training on cranes is of course still possible worldwide at our training centres. To meet employee needs, our digital training offer is currently being significantly expanded to allow crane drivers, dispatchers and workshop personnel an easier entry into the respective specialised area. This will then also be available via MyLiebherr and can be booked to match the respective crane - or, for general training sessions, for all equipment.

With MyLiebherr, we offer our customers a digital world for simplifying their daily work processes.

Stephan Schrade - Customer Service

Stephan Schrade: There is still a whole range of other offers - I actually always recommend registering there and taking a look for yourself to get an overview. When it comes to customers’ own fleets, simple topics can be covered here, such as naming equipment or assigning keywords for better searches, or even profile management. The end effect is that we offer a profile page for each product, like on a social network. In this way, the product details can be viewed directly. And we are working on numerous points to further improve and expand our digital service offering. The telemetry application mentioned and the training offer are only two points, but two very important ones. Because with every new development come new ideas, wishes and suggestions. That is why we are constantly speaking with our customers during MyLiebherr developments to get feedback, to incorporate feedback and to offer new applications and options.

Wolfgang Boos - Product management
Wolfgang Boos - Product management

How digitally savvy do I need to be to find my way with MyLiebherr?

Sarah Weidenbacher: Ultimately not very savvy. If you use the Internet, then you’ll manage very easily in MyLiebherr - otherwise we are always happy to help you through our global and local service organisations. All you need to do is call. It is important to engage with the topic. MyLiebherr is an offer for our customers that makes everything easier and simpler.

Christoph Behmüller: We are working with MyLiebherr in training sessions more and more frequently. This simply means that our training participants are already familiar with MyLiebherr and individual applications in the portal. What is always important to us: Remove reservations, create confidence. The world around cranes is becoming more networked and digital by the way - at the same time it is getting harder to find and train good suitable personnel. We want to not only offer our customers the best possible support with our portal and our applications, but also with our training offer.

At Bauma, we will present our new application for telemetry and fleet management.

Wolfgang Boos - Product management

Keywords ‘getting to know’ MyLiebherr - what is possible here?

Stephan Schrade: Basically: Register and off you go! But we also offer the possibility to view MyLiebherr at trade fairs, to have it explained and also to register. Of course this will be possible at Bauma this autumn in Munich or in March at the Conexpo in Las Vegas. But also at many other smaller trade fairs. Then of course, and as has already been said, also at training sessions all the time. And of course also at your service partner. Often all you need to do is call. What is always important to remember here: The portal of course is constantly evolving. New features and applications are constantly being added. And: We have more ideas and plans. So: Try it out, test it, and then use it in daily operation! We look forward to many users and their feedback.

Learn more about MyLiebherr here:

This article was published in the UpLoad magazine 02 | 2022.

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