MyLiebherr presented at Bauma – and online!

And you will also be able to dive into our MyLiebherr online world at future shows. We will be delighted to show you all the new features and functions – but will also collect you at the entrance, in other words as you login to the MyLiebherr portal.

There are lots of large things at Bauma – cranes, construction machines, visitor numbers and also the consumption of pretzel, weisswurst and beer. But we also detected a great deal of interest from lots of people in a very small area of our stand – our MyLiebherr pavilion for mobile and crawler cranes. Our seven experts were kept very busy. Many of you took the opportunity to enjoy a live demonstration of our MyLiebherr portal at the event. And of course, that also provided an opportunity to ask questions or to create your own profile and one for your company including all your machines.

Product Manager Wolfgang Boos provides an insight into the applications for Performance and Job Planning.
Product Manager Wolfgang Boos provides an insight into the applications for Performance and Job Planning.

The place to come with any questions

“It was important to us to be the place to come with any questions, to discuss the system with our customers and portal users and perhaps also to provide an opportunity to overcome any reservations against using digital portals like MyLiebherr with all its applications”, says Stephan Schrade, Head of Digital Products & Services in Ehingen. “That enabled us to remove fears at a stroke whilst at the same time making access to MyLiebherr easier – or, in some discussions with customers who already had a good deal of knowledge, to provide additional knowledge and demonstrate and explain new functions or new applications actually in MyLiebherr”. “It also enabled us to demonstrate our new Performance application in MyLiebherr”, says Sarah Weidenbacher from the same department. “This application will be available in MyLiebherr before the end of 2023. It provides crane contractors with a live view of lots of crane parameters such as the site, fuel consumption or what function the crane is currently performing. But it also displays secondary data, such as wind speeds and the temperature at the site. This gives the crane operator, the dispatcher, the workshop manager and the owner some important information online without having to phone the crane operator.”

Wolfgang Boos, Product Manager for Digital Products at Liebherr in Ehingen, continues: “With the Performance application, not only have we attempted to simply display these data, but also to provide sensible evaluations using the data. The discussions we held with many of our customers in Munich proved extremely interesting and revealing for this purpose. We are already providing some of the analysis features free of charge in the basic licence which we are planning to prepare over the next few months. We will then add more features as we build on the application. We regard the Performance application as a really powerful tool for making crane operations significantly more economical and easier in the future. And in short, that is also the feedback we are getting from many customers after the Bauma week in Munich.”

Michaela Gogeissl, Sarah Weidenbacher and Stephan Schrade from the MyLiebherr team of experts.
Michaela Gogeissl, Sarah Weidenbacher and Stephan Schrade from the MyLiebherr team of experts.

Much more than just data

But our MyLiebherr team in Munich were not just interested in crane data and new applications. Many existing parts of MyLiebherr are being continuously revised, improved and expanded. “We are delighted to explain these MyLiebherr modules to anybody who is interested”, says Michaela Gogeissl from the Training Department in Ehingen. “Whether it is the CraneFinder, Crane Planner 2.0 or our LICCON job planner, these tools are extremely important for planning a crane job and are an integral part of MyLiebherr. But our training courses, such as the digital mobile crane operators licence, are also available there. That’s why it is always great for us to find out which sections our customers are interested in. And also which topics we can then explain to them during our conversation. Many of them have questions relating to job planning using Crane Planner 2.0 and during our conversation we also discuss the parts shop and the licence for e-learning courses. In other words, MyLiebherr delivers a great deal of added value which we are keen to explain in detail.” MyLiebherr is essentially an online portal that is selfexplanatory and similar to the systems used by many banks, insurance companies and other websites. “We have seen, however, that many of our customers are keen to use the opportunity to view specific functions in the system. That is why we will continue to offer this facility at future trade shows, but also during training courses at our global training centres or, where possible, at our customers’ own sites”, adds Stephan Schrade.

Gerrit van Hove going about his everyday work with MyLiebherr.
Gerrit van Hove going about his everyday work with MyLiebherr.

In action

Many of our customers are already using MyLiebherr for their everyday work. That quickly became apparent when we talked to people at Bauma. “We have been using MyLiebherr since 2017 – we use it several times a day”, says Gerrit van Hove, Spare Parts Manager at Sarens NV in Belgium. “We mainly use the spare parts catalogue with the ordering facility as it shows us part availability and prices so that we don’t have to wait for quotations. But we also regularly use many of the other applications that have been added during the last few months. We frequently use Sales Order Tracking, in other words the possibility to check our purchase orders, return delivery notes or document exchange. The licence and service application is also used often when we require new licences or services. I have been at Sarens now for more than 25 years and have a great deal of contact with the Liebherr customer service team. MyLiebherr is a great help for making things faster and simpler”. Andreas Steinnagel, Workshop Manager at Hüffermann Krandienst GmbH in Wildeshausen has a similar outlook. MyLiebherr has been in regular use there since 2019. “The clarity of MyLiebherr is very helpful for us as you can find all the applications quickly and easily.

First order the spare parts online, then install them on site – Andreas Steinnagel during a site call-out.
First order the spare parts online, then install them on site – Andreas Steinnagel during a site call-out.

We regularly use the spare parts catalogues and the ordering form as well as the electronic invoicing application and the component lists. In my role as Workshop Manager I am responsible for spare parts, troubleshooting our machines and rectifying breakdown faults, so MyLiebherr and its functions are a massive help to me in my everyday work.”

Both of them took the opportunity in Munich to view the latest functions in MyLiebherr – including the Performance application. “Fortunately, I had the opportunity at Bauma to have a look at the new telematics application and have it explained to me. The great thing about it is that you can view the cranes’ operating data straight away, including the set-up configuration. That will really help us to provide our operators with instructions for rectifying problems by telephone. And it also means I can prepare for breakdown work better in the future”, adds Steinnagel. “I did not have a great deal of time”, says van Hove. “So I was really delighted that the experts on the MyLiebherr team were kind enough to given me a personal presentation of the new Performance application after Bauma.” And our experts will continue to do so over the next few months – at trade shows or at your own office.

This article was published in the UpLoad magazine 01 | 2023.

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