Our revised training programme has been in use for around a year now and has received consistently positive feedback. We even received an award: Liebherr was honoured with the ESTA Award of Excellence in the ‘Training’ category in April 2023. This category was newly introduced by ESTA in 2023 to emphasise the importance of training and further education.

“Our aim is to ensure greater safety worldwide through trained crane operators,” emphasises Michaela Gogeißl.
“Our aim is to ensure greater safety worldwide through trained crane operators,” emphasises Michaela Gogeißl.

Michaela Gogeißl, Sales Manager Customer Training in our training department, is the contact for our customers worldwide for all topics relating to the training programme. “We have divided our training programme into three segments – crane operators, dispatchers and workshop personnel – in order to provide employees worldwide with even more targeted training. Our intention is to promote safety and accident prevention in the industry,” explains Michaela Gogeißl and continues: “One major advantage is that we now offer a separate e-learning course for each segment, which covers the relevant basic knowledge. This is immensely important for newcomers, for example. It also ensures a standardised level of knowledge for more in-depth courses.” The content of the ‘Mobile Crane Operator’ e-learning course is professionally prepared, structured and entertaining. All content is checked and regularly updated. For in-depth content, Liebherr continues to offer a wide range of options in the form of face-to-face training as well as live online training or e-learning opportunities.

Michaela Gogeißl spoke to Heike Lange from Franz Bracht Kran-Vermietung for us about e-learning courses for mobile crane operators. She is the contact there for crane operator training and has – in this capacity – purchased several e-learning courses from us in recent months.

Heike Lange relies on e-learning for the mobile crane operator licence as an efficient and flexible training option for the employees of Franz Bracht Kran-Vermietung.
Heike Lange relies on e-learning for the mobile crane operator licence as an efficient and flexible training option for the employees of Franz Bracht Kran-Vermietung.

Ms Lange, we are delighted that you have agreed to answer a few questions on the subject of e-learning for mobile crane operators. How did you come to use e-learning?

We have been using Liebherr’s education and training programme for a long time to train our employees and, in the past, we have always booked the two-week Liebherr mobile crane operator course, which is held at Liebherr’s site. Then our contact at the Liebherr Training Centre informed us that the Liebherr training programme includes the e-learning mobile crane operator course. If you complete this, you only need to do a one-week mobile crane operator course at Liebherr’s site to obtain the Liebherr mobile crane operator certificate.

We ultimately favoured this way of training. This reduces the costs and the duration of the employee’s absence to just 1 week on site at Liebherr.

How would you rate the purchase on our MyLiebherr website?

Your products are clearly displayed on the personal MyLiebherr customer portal and you are guided through the programme. There are also work instructions for obtaining and assigning the e-learning licence, which makes it very easy to obtain an e-learning licence.

On average, how long did your employees spend on the e-learning?

I can’t give an exact average. It takes about 15 to 18 hours to complete the course. Some took their time and completed the course in around 65 days. Access is valid for twelve months. Other employees were so keen and eager to learn that they completed the e-learning programme within two days.

How do you use the e-learning courses?

We use the courses both for new employees and as preparation for the mobile crane operator course. Some colleagues also use it to repeat what they have already learnt.

Over the past three years, we have increased the qualification rate of mobile crane operators by 78 %. Some of your employees have already successfully completed the e-learning and subsequently the mobile crane operator licence. How do you rate the added value for your company?

We see the added value of e-learning in the fact that employees can complete the course at any time and from any location. This means that they are also available to our company during training, which is an important factor in times of labour shortages.

How motivated were your employees to take part in e-learning? What feedback have you received?

Our employees were very motivated and, as already mentioned, some of them completed the e-learning programme within two days. The feedback from our employees was positive. They got on well with the app and if there were any problems, Liebherr’s IT department contacted our relevant employee directly. According to our employees, the course content was taught in an understandable way and was easy to master. Some aspects that were rated positively were that the e-learning programme could be completed at any time and from any location and that you always had access to all of the course content if you had forgotten something.

Further information about our training courses and the current training programme as a download can be found on the Liebherr homepage. You can select and book the right e-learning course for you directly via the MyLiebherr customer portal in the “Licences and Services” section. my.liebherr.com

This article was published in the UpLoad magazine 01 | 2024.

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