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Our experts will gladly tell you little tips that will help in daily use!

Clever combination of simple tools

What is the right and thus most cost-effective crane size for a particular lifting task? And which configuration will allow the crane to be used economically?

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Find out about the wind forecast

The energy generated by wind is good for the climate revolution, but often makes life difficult for crane operators.

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Press the accelerator and protect your clutch

In the last edition of our UpLoad magazine, we unveiled the new ZF TraXon DynamicPerform gearbox, a truly pioneering development – a cooling oil circuit prevents the clutch suffering wear and overheating.

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Change diesel particulate filters quickly and and inexpensively

What should I bear in mind when changing the diesel particle filter?

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Shift the centre of gravity

Our LTR telescopic crawler cranes combine the benefits of telescopic and crawler cranes – the excellent manoeuvrability of the crawler travel gear means that they can be used on almost any terrain.

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How to crawl properly

Crawler travel gears are designed for moving cranes on sites, sometimes even with a full load on the hook. And this is precisely where crawler cranes come into their own.

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A lance for grease

When it comes to Liebherr mobile and crawler cranes, good grease distribution is essential for ensuring that a telescopic boom can be extended and retracted smoothly and easily.

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Safe to use even in high winds

Joachim Henkel explains in the expert tip how additional lifting capacity tables reduce crane downtimes.

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Save with Liebherr remote diagnostics

Christian Gumper's tip for remote diagnostics for cranes.

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Less is more

Achieving more with less - Uwe Laitenberger explains in the expert tip how this is possible.

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Cut off your hoist rope

Johannes Hirschle's tip for rope care.

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Extending service life

Harald Rieger with an expert tip to extend the service life of a rope.

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Exciting stories about our cranes

Read more about interesting crane jobs, technical innovations and sustainable concepts.

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UpLoad in picture and sound

You can discover our cranes as film stars in the video magazine. Start the movie!

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The world - Made with Liebherr

Everyday or even spectacular hoists - our mobile and crawler cranes are in operation all over the world.

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