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Mountain Crane Service, USA

"The complete assembly is remote-controlled and can be carried out in a very short time."


  • Paul Belcher, CEO- Mountain Crane Service

Why did you choose the LR 1400 SX as your new crane and which features do you like the most?

The LR 1400 SX is not the first crawler crane we have bought from Liebherr. What we generally appreciate about Liebherr crawler cranes is their efficiency and the simple and fast assembly and disassembly.

With the new LR 1400 SX, the hydraulic ground pressure reduction plates stand out in particular; with their help, the ground pressure can be reduced by more than half. The strong load charts were equally important for the decision.

In addition, the complete assembly is remote-controlled and can be carried out in a very short time. Furthermore, all crane movements can be done with the remote control. Safe and simple, exactly what we want.

Why did you choose a crane of the 400 t class at all?

Tilt-up wall panels are getting bigger and bigger, and a 300-tonne crawler crane is no longer able to handle panels of the size and weight we do on a daily basis.

The crane has several assistance systems for additional safety during operation. Which of those were important for you and were a reason for the purchase?

Clearly the display of the ground pressure in real time. Ground conditions can vary greatly on construction sites. Constant monitoring of ground pressure is essential for safety. This feature simplifies our work immensely.

We also offer digital solutions to make the daily operations easier. Talking about Crane Planner: How important is the planning of jobsites for you?

Planning is paramount to any job. As rules and regulations are constantly evolving, we now use Crane Planner 2.0 on a daily basis.

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