LK 300 - 500

New dimensions

Module 5.00 mm
Workpiece diameter 300 - 500 mm

  • Maximum flexibility

    - Enlarged work area

    - NC counter column for long shafts

    - FlexChamfer: the most flexible chamfering solution on the market

  • Maximized productivity

    - Fast axis movements thanks to optimized drive design

    - Very short setup times thanks to Liebherrs clamping fixture quick change

  • Improved ergonomics

    - Fold-out steps for easy access

    - Optimum accessibility for maintenance work

    - Ergonomic machine operation thanks to LHStation and LHMobile

Machine concept

Increased efficiency thanks to gear skiving

Gear manufacturers are seeking alternative processes that are more productive and cost-effective than the gear shaping method and more flexible than broaching.

Successful gear skiving by means of:

  • Machine
  • Tool
  • Process

The foundation for successful gear skiving is the rigidity of the machine: The cast iron machine bed absorbs the occurring process forces. In the machining head, a high spindle rigidity is achieved by means of a special bearing concept, which means that longer tool holders can also be used. This is particularly important for machining internal gears.

In combination with a burst-proof housing, the machine is suitable for both dry and wet machining with oil or emulsion.

In addition to the machine, the appropriate tool is crucial for a stable process. Our in-house tool development and manufacturing enables us to design the optimal tool for every workpiece assuming that the theory of skiving has been absorbed and understood.

The planned process must be taken into account when designing tools. Our intensive technological development and extensive tests on customer projects have given us a complete understanding of gear skiving and, with Skiving³, we offer a complete solution consisting of machine, tool and process.

The tailstock makes the machine suitable not only for external and internal gears but also for shafts.

Advantages of Skiving³


  • Rigid machine design
  • Ringloader concept for fast workpiece change
  • Tailstock for shaft machining and optimum workpiece clamping
  • Optional chamfering during the machining process


  • Design and manufacturing of conical and cylindrical skiving wheels
  • Process-optimized tool design
  • Tools in PM-HSS & carbide versions


  • Process analysis and simulation for optimal cutting conditions
  • Application technology for optimal customer support
  • Collision analysis with calculation software
Technical data
Module 5.00 mm
Workpiece weight 100 kg
Axial travel 700 mm
Shift distance 470 mm
Swivel angle of gear skiving head 30 °
Max. spindle power 27 kW
Hob speed 2,500 min-1
Tool diameter 250 mm
LK 300 LK 500 LK 300 DC LK 500 DC
Workpiece diameter [mm] 300 500 300 500

Liebherrs in-house tool production

Liebherr offers a comprehensive range of gear cutting tools, many years of experience in gear manufacturing, and the highest level of product quality down to the smallest detail. Our gear skiving tools are manufactured at our sites in Ettlingen, Germany and Collegno, Italy.

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