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Tool handling system

Liebherr automates the handling and storage of tools in sophisticated systems perfect for production environments with multiple machining centers or high tool demand.

Increasing the degree of automation: from automatic workpiece to tool management

In industries with high tool throughput, such as aerospace or tool and mold making, automated tool handling solves key problems. In such cases, it makes sense to add tool automation to automatic machine loading in linked systems.


High tool requirements

- Large tool magazines are required
- Large part variance
- Machining of high-strength materials

Limited storage capacity

- Machining centers reach their limits in terms of storage capacity
- Large tool magazines result in additional costs for each machine

Frequent insertion and replacement of tools on multiple machines

- Requires a high degree of organization and effort
- Tool requirements are often queried manually
- Creates waiting times for tools


Automatic tool change

Our reliable automation system, consisting of a storage and distribution system as well as intelligent resource management, predicts the tool requirements and eliminates waiting times.

Central tool storage

The system provides large storage capacity for several thousand tools. Each system can be adapted to the respective tool requirements, the individual spatial conditions and different mountings (HSK, SK, etc.).

Automatic changing of tools

Enabled by a tool distribution system in the form of a linear or robotic gantry that feeds the tools to the interlinked machines, multiple machines can access the same tool.

The advantages of a tool handling system


A compact alternative to decentralized, scattered storage, featuring individual tool trolleys and cabinets. Helps saves up to
60% of the space.

Reduced personnel requirements

A central point of contact for all tools means that there are no unnecessary searching times. Supports unmanned production.

Increased productivity

Eliminating waiting times ensures shorter throughput times, better machine utilization rates and lower manufacturing costs. Intelligent and predictive requesting of tools, with which requirements can be reported directly to tool presetting.

Cost savings

Thanks to more efficient processes and the central availability of special and sister tools, one tool can be used on different machines. Error costs are reduced by automatic data transmission.


Holistic tool management with Liebherr system competence

  • Automation system for workpiece loading

    - Tool requirements are derived from production planning
    - Predictive production planning for each machine

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  • Machine magazine

    - Tool list
    - Wear data
    - Tool status
    - Tool life

  • Distribution system

    - Interface between storage and machines
    - Different designs

  • Tool storage

    - Tool identification e.g. with RFID
    - Automatic data transmission
    - Job management
    - Tools that have reached the end of their tool life are automatically ejected

  • Tool presetting

    - Automatic generation of tool requirements lists and setup plans
    - Forward planning
    - Continuous flow of information to and from the automation system

  • Design

    - CAM
    - Design close to production
    - Plan only with available tools

  • Optimization

    - Tool monitoring
    - Reports, dashboard e.g. most and least used tools


Complementary products

PHS pallet handling systems

Perfectly suited for variant manufacturing, the Liebherr pallet handling system offers large workpiece storage units and thus long autonomy times in low-manpower or even unmanned manufacturing. Intelligent cell control helps to manage resources and reduce the complexity of high mix/low volume manufacturing.

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Robot systems

If further work steps are to be automated, robots can be used (for example, for tool assembly). The automated setup of tools or workpieces or additional automated operations such as measuring or cleaning the parts can be covered in flexible manufacturing systems.

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