I have always loved mobile tower cranes

As a lot of other boys his age, Jeroen Meester dreamt of becoming a crane or excavator operator one day. Mobile tower cranes inspired his passion for construction machinery early on. In Holland, Jeroen’s native country, mobile tower cranes on truck chassis were used for housing construction. In this way, they were the forerunners of today's Liebherr mobile construction cranes.

Start of Liftinghero career

When he was 17, Jeroen had the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship as an excavator operator just around the corner from where he lived. His first experience of Liebherr construction machinery was a brand new A312 mobile excavator, which was used for road construction work.

In 2006, he found his way to Jos Blom Kraanverhuur B.V.. By successfully retraining for telescopic and mobile construction cranes, his dream became a reality. Jeroen has been working with Liebherr mobile construction cranes for 14 years to date. First with an MK 80 and, for about 4 years now, with an MK 88 Plus. Jos Blom, his boss, purchased this machine at Bauma 2016. “Just for me,” says Jeroen with a wink. Jeroen is proud of his employer and values the trust that Jos Blom places in him.

Jeroen has experience of driving all MKs and says, “The MK 88 is the most mobile and agile. I need action. I can get several jobs a day done with an MK. Setting up with a taxi crane at three to four construction sites a day in the greater Amsterdam area is not a problem. I’m a crane operator and assembly engineer - all in one. I love the views from the lift cab. With the five steering programs, I can get anywhere on Amsterdam’s narrow streets. The MK is a perfect solution for the inner-city area.”

A wonderful view

A job Jeroen really appreciated was at a TV commercial. As part of filming for the national lottery, he had to use his crane to hold a banner in position in front of the sun. “That was all there was to it. So, I had plenty of time to watch the hustle and bustle happening below from my lift cab. There were a lot of beautiful women involved – and I had the best seat with the best view of the show. I had so much fun being part of a TV production ...,” he enthuses.

Our story on Liftinghero Jeroen ends with more of his enthusiasm for working on construction sites and handling construction machinery. “When I was younger I was fascinated by mobile tower cranes. Today, I feel happy and grateful. I’ve found my dream job and made my love for mobile construction cranes my career,” says Jeroen.

And the words that he has always lived by complement his approach to work, “If you enjoy your work every day, the quality of your family life benefits too.”



Name: Jeroen Meester Age: 43 years Home: Wervershoof, Netherlands Experience: 26 years Job: Certified crane driver Slogan:“If you enjoy your work every day, the quality of your family life benefits too.”


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