From desk job to safety checks up high – a Belgian finds his dream career as a crane inspection engineer

A job with plenty of responsibility

Gerd has worked as a crane inspection engineer for 18 years now. “My first job was in an office, where I sat at a desk all day long. I soon grew tired of that. I wanted variety and, above all else, to work outside. This is my dream job," he says.

As an inspection engineer, it is his role to check cranes before they are put into operation and to carry out regular statutory inspections afterwards. To ensure safety at height, his inspection includes checking a crane’s lifting gears and equipment.

For the conscientious Belgian, it’s a job that involves a lot of responsibility, “I carry out the safety inspections alone at our customers’ premises. We do, of course, have a strong support team and I can also ask other inspectors for assistance with technical questions. But generally, I’m the one responsible for crane safety."

Which crane do you enjoy working with the most?

"The coolest Liebherr crane I have worked with is definitely the 370 EC-B 12 Fibre. I also enjoy working with Liebherr technicians as there is lots to learn from them. My day-to-day work involves checking all types of cranes at a variety of construction sites. It’s interesting as each crane is different and great in its own way – extremely tall cranes are always something special of course." It’s clear that Gerd enjoys his job and this is also reflected by his chosen motto: Be safe and have fun! In other words, enjoy what you do each day because this mindset makes your job a much easier one.

A hobby that’s out of the ordinary

Heights are his passion – and not just at work, for Gerd enjoys hot air ballooning in his free time. And he has no fear of heights here either, “When I’m up in a hot-air balloon, I get to enjoy some peace and quiet as well as amazing views. I either fly with friends or we take other people up with us to share an experience that certainly won’t be forgotten in a hurry."

Safety is also a really important aspect of ballooning; each passenger needs to feel safe at all times. Gerd confirms, “There isn’t any room for mistakes, and that’s the same in my job as a crane inspection engineer."

  • Name: Gerd De Busschere Age: 40 Home: Flanders, Belgium Experience: 18 years Job: Inspection engineer Slogan: Be safe and have fun! Become a Liftinghero


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