Liftinghero Carla: Pint-sized crane climber with smarts

Being able to engage my brain and get physically involved as well makes my job even better

Carla loves the variety her job offers. She enjoys working in the fresh air every day and the different locations it involves,

“I can be in a major city one day and then somewhere in the mountains the next.” Plus, the many different crane types add extra variety to her daily work. When an assembly is on the cards, there is always something to prepare, repair or service in her employer’s workshop.

Because crane technology is constantly evolving, this will remain an exciting area to work in for years to come

Carla discovered her passion for engineering during her vocational training as part of her technical diploma. She learned all manner of trade skills as part of this, ranging from brick laying and metal construction to carpentry. Now and then, Carla helped with the assembly of Liebherr K cranes in her own time; something she really enjoyed. This led to her starting her apprenticeship as a mechatronics engineer at Tradler Baumaschinen GmbH in Traunstein two years ago. She is now 20 and loves her chosen career.

Like a toy crane…

One site assignment in particular has stayed fresh in Carla’s mind. It involved assembling a Liebherr 13 HM.1 fast-erecting crane with a large 630 EC-H top-slewing crane from Liebherr, right in the middle of a major construction site in Munich. The tremendous lifting capacity of the 630 EC-H was especially impressive. The small 13 HM.1 looked like a toy crane in comparison – which, of course, it is far from being.

  • Lots of little knacks and tricks

    Another highlight was the conversion of a 172 EC-B. The project began with a stunning sunrise over the Chiemsee and the Chiemgau Alps. “A disassembly that couldn’t have been more perfect!” The extreme lack of space meant that the subsequent assembly was somewhat more complicated, but Carla was able to pick up lots of useful tricks and tips during the assembly of the top-slewing crane.

    Never let things get you down; make the best of every mistake and learn from it

    Being a woman on a construction site means you have to deal with one or two clichés along the way. That’s when Carla reminds herself of her motto and wins through.

    I love nature, pure and simple

    Carla spends almost every weekend during the summer out in the mountains of the Berchtesgaden and Chiemgau Alps.

    In any remaining free time, she enjoys being creative. Alongside watercolour painting, music is her passion; Carla plays both the piano and the violin. She also likes to read and game now and then to clear her head.

    Carla’s call to you liftingheroes out there

    “Ladies (and of course men too), take a closer look at this line of work! It’s a really exciting job and every day allows you to look back with pride on the work you’ve achieved. We women also have a future in engineering and on construction sites. If I can do it with my 4 feet 9 inches, then you guys out there certainly can!”

    And how did she get her nickname? Well, why not ask her yourself on one of her social media channels?



    Name: Carla Mueller Nickname:Gloa (meaning “the little one”) and Krankraxlerin (pint-sized crane climber) Age: 20 Home: Wonneberg, Germany Experience: 2 years Job: Mechatronics engineer for crane technology Slogan:When life’s tough, pick yourself up, straighten your crown and carry on!


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