Press releases | 01/28/2019 The Smallest in the Liebherr-HS Series. The Greatest in Compact Design.

  • Now available with Tier 4 / Stage V diesel engine by Liebherr
  • Optimized overall design with new cabin
  • Swing radius of only 3.5 m
  • Transport weight less than 40 t

Liebherr presents the newest duty cycle crawler crane type HS 8040 HD. With a maximum lifting capacity of 40 t, it is the smallest in the proven HS series, however, when it comes to compactness, it comes up trumps. A transport weight of less than 40 t makes it the perfect choice if the machine has to be transferred frequently between job sites. It can be deployed for all common types of material handling work and, with its new cabin, appears in an elegant design.

Compact construction and elegant design: the new Liebherr duty cycle crawler crane HS 8040 HD.

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The new Liebherr HS 8040 HD is immediately available in two different versions. The standard version impresses with the most compact swinging radius in its class, namely 3.5 m. Thus, the duty cycle crawler crane can fully utilize its manoeuvrability in confined spaces and is highly flexible in its application. The version with longer uppercarriage has the counterweight and therefore the centre of gravity further to the rear. This means the lifting capacities are significantly increased, which is a big advantage especially in dragline operation.

Engine power, free-fall winches and boom length of the Liebherr HS 8040 HD are optimally matched to one another and result in a perfect overall design. The emphasis lies on the requirements of the customer. The core of the duty cycle crawler crane is a 230 kW Liebherr diesel engine which complies with the NRMM exhaust certification Tier 4 / Stage V. The HS 8040 HD is fitted with two free-fall winches with 120 kN line pull each and a main boom of max. 40 m. Thanks to the optimization of the complete drive system the duty cycle crawler crane can perform even more efficiently. The HS series’ range of applications is almost unlimited and includes, amongst others, work with slurry wall grabs, dragline buckets or casing oscillators. Furthermore, it can also be used as a service crane for lifting jobs.

Easy Transport, New Cabin

The new Liebherr duty cycle crawler crane HS 8040 HD particularly impresses with its compact design. Thanks to its transport weight of less than 40 t including counterweight, the machine can be easily and flexibly transferred between job sites. The improved A-frame system with transport position to the front does not only shorten the transport length but also simplifies erection or lowering of the boom, as well as setting-up of the machine. The rails and walkways on the uppercarriage, which enable safe access to all service and maintenance points, do not have to be dismounted during transportation. The HS 8040 HD of the latest generation is thus quickly and easily available for application.

The machine is equipped with a new cabin concept, which gives the HS 8040 HD an elegant appearance and, above all, focuses on increased operator comfort. This is achieved through a modern air-conditioning system with improved airflow, an optimized field of vision and reduced noise protection, as well as an orthopaedic operator’s seat with integrated heating and cooling. Further features for the operator are an optional cooler for provisions as well as a USB port for charging mobile phones.


Here you will find the press release and images for download.

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