News | 12/14/2016 The “Liebherr Mining Torque Table” App - A new assistant for service technicians

The Liebherr Mining Torque Table App is free and helps making a service technician's job easier, faster, safer, and more reliable.

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The Liebherr Mining Division has a global policy in place for tightening torques applicable to hydraulic flanges and fasteners on all Liebherr-Mining hydraulic excavators and off-road haul trucks. Through this standardization of equipment maintenance practices, Liebherr-Mining is able to ensure customers that each procedure executed in the field will be performed to factory specifications.

The Liebherr Mining Torque Table App can be used to find the corresponding torque value for normal tightening procedures for both greased and un-greased fasteners. Using the app, field service technicians around the world can download the latest standard published by Liebherr factories in real time. The app provides a user with a simple interface as well as offline access to ensure maximum mobility even in the absence of network service. As another example of the Liebherr-Mining strategy to promote the use of new technologies for service, the app is available free of charge on all existing smartphone platforms: Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

“We encourage all people working on our Liebherr-Mining products to download the app. It is free and will make your job easier, faster, safer and more reliable. Stay tuned, more new Apps for service will be released soon”, said Fabrice Gresser, General Manager Customer Support.