News | 07/20/2017 New lighting options for Liebherr XPower® wheel loaders: adaptive working lighting and key with remote control

Adaptive working lighting is available at the customer’s request for all XPower® wheel loaders. The extra LED headlight on the front improves lighting conditions when the equipment is raised.

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Liebherr presents two innovative lighting options for the XPower® wheel loaders: adaptive working lighting and the Liebherr key with remote control.

Both options improve lighting and safety particularly at twilight, during the night, underground or in other low light conditions. Adaptive working lighting is an intelligent light control system. It reacts intuitively to the lift arm position and articulation angle of the wheel loader using modern LED light sensors. This means working areas are always evenly lit. The adaptive working lighting also makes irritating glare or reflections from steel machine parts a thing of the past.

With conventional lighting systems, machine operators have to compromise on the brightness of the headlights. On full beam, the light is reflected on steel machine parts or on the drop sides of trucks, which creates glare and shadows. And when light output is reduced, visibility deteriorates. Adaptive working lighting solves this problem. With the help of sensors, the light output automatically adjusts itself to the position of the lift arm and the working equipment and to the articulation angle of the wheel loader.

The Liebherr key with remote control opens the driver’s door at the push of a button and a sensor simultaneously activates the cab’s interior lighting. This illuminates the entire entry area and ensures the driver can get into the operator’s cab safely.