Press releases | 04/04/2019 Hatton Crane & Rigging expands fleet with two Liebherr rough terrain cranes

  • Company cites Liebherr reliability, simplicity of operation as key reasons for choice
  • California-based Hatton works throughout the northern and central areas of the state

When Hatton Crane & Rigging needs to perform a lift, their first choice recently has often been to put a Liebherr LRT 1100-2.1 rough terrain crane on the job. Company president Gary Hatton was so impressed with the crane’s performance, he added a second one soon after taking delivery of the first.

Hatton Crane recently took delivery of two Liebherr LRT 1100-2.1 rough terrain cranes.

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Hatton Crane & Rigging recently added new Liebherr cranes and a new company tagline.

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In business since 1983 and based in Hayward, California, southeast of San Francisco, the company works primarily in Northern and Central California. Hatton was founded by Gary’s father Robert Hatton and remains family owned to this day. The company handles all types of lifting jobs. “We have continued to enjoy steady growth over the years, but have seen a large uptick in revenues in the last four years,” Hatton said.

Hatton’s rough terrain cranes have been in service for about six months. “Our whole fleet is full of top-of-the-line equipment, but there’s a quality and reliability that comes with Liebherr that puts them a step above and makes me continue to turn to them as our business expands. We have other RTs in our fleet, but I’m a huge Liebherr guy, so I’m always looking to add Liebherr equipment whenever possible.”

The LRT 1100-2.1 is a 110 US-ton class crane with exceptional maneuverability. It is equipped with a 164 foot Telematik pinning boom, 62 foot swing away jib, and a hydraulic ballasting device. Liebherr’s VarioBase system allows infinitely variable and asymmetric outrigger positions.

“The RTs are obviously very flexible on job sites,” Hatton said. “Customers like them and our operators love them. The larger our company gets, the more calls we have for RTs.”

Ease of use and comfort also makes it easy to commit to Liebherr. Hatton said that his crane operators clamor to use the LRT 1100s due to the roomy, comfortable cab. With Liebherr cranes, “I know I’m not going to have any issues, and if you can run one Liebherr, you can run every one of them. When it comes to programming the computer, swinging the jib, and many other crane functions, by and large, it’s the same across the Liebherr product line. With other manufacturers, every time they come out with a new crane, it’s a whole new system and a whole new process to learn.”

“The quality of Liebherr products is just so far above and beyond the competition, that any time we can get our hands on a piece of Liebherr equipment that meets our needs, we’re all over it,” Hatton said. “It was a pretty easy call for us. Once we got one and saw the value of the crane and the quality, within a month we ordered a second one.”

In addition to the two recently acquired rough terrain cranes, the company’s fleet of Liebherr equipment includes: a Liebherr 1300.1 SX crawler crane that Hatton recently took delivery of; two LTM 1220-5.2 all-terrain cranes; and three 81 K.1 fast-erecting tower cranes. The company also expects to take delivery of a Liebherr LTM 1230-5.1 mobile crane later this year. It will be the first crane of its type in the western United States. Hatton currently has a fleet of about 30 cranes.

Hatton said he’s excited that Liebherr cranes are playing a key role in the company’s growth, and attributes this accelerated growth to a simple change in personal and business priorities he made a few years back. “I used to be driven by my pursuit of more money, more power and more success – that was my driving force. Now my driving force is encompassed in our company’s new tagline – GOD, FAMILY, COUNTRY. My commitment to this set of values is shared by many, if not all, of the extended Hatton family staff, and I truly believe this shift is what’s driving our growth. Anyone can purchase new shiny equipment, but it’s the people that make the difference and we’ve got the best.”

The tagline can be seen on all of the company’s new Liebherr cranes. “We look forward to many more opportunities to partner with another great family company, Liebherr, in the future. We are so very grateful for the relationship our two companies enjoy.”


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