News | 08/26/2019 Port of Esbjerg becomes an international heavyweight

The Port of Esbjerg is expanding its crane capacity with the world's largest mobile harbour crane, the Liebherr LHM 800. The new machine has a total height of 48 metres and a boom length of 66 metres.

Thanks to the direct sea connection the new LHM 800 was shipped fully assembled by

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Port Esbjerg already commands the largest fleet of Liebherr mobile harbour cranes in Scandinavia, which is now being additionally expanded. The new crane is 48 metres in height and can lift 308 tonnes. At the same time, it enables the port to perform tandem lifting with an additional Liebherr mobile harbor crane together lifting as much as 448 tonnes.

“I am pleased that we are expanding our crane capacity considerably with the new crane. We need to be able to handle more and more large cargo in the future, and therefore we need to rearm. I am also pleased with the fact that only few ports in the world have a similar crane because it shows that Port Esbjerg is a heavyweight internationally,” says Dennis Jul Pedersen, CEO of Esbjerg Havn.

Developments in the offshore industry calls for the new crane

It is the development within the offshore industry that requires for a new crane with the ability to lift larger and heavier loads than the current cranes are capable of. It is among other things due to the tendency that the components for the offshore wind turbines in the North Sea are becoming larger and larger. At the same time, the need for an ability to handle heavy machinery and production equipment is growing within other industries at the port.