News | 09/27/2019 Modal shift: first results after 4 months of river transportation

Crane handling Liebherr Mining parts at the Rhine Port

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Before June 3, 2019, every truck that left the Liebherr-Mining Equipment Colmar SAS site travelled an average of 500 km by using the French, German and Belgian roads to route the machines to the major seaports.

Since then, these trucks take the road to the Rhine port of Colmar / Neuf-Brisach for river transportation.

After this first trimester of the 12 months test period, Liebherr is very satisfied with this new mode of transport.

One of the first positive aspects of river transport is the reduction of the environmental footprint. Since the beginning of this test, 34 machines were transported by river on 11 barges - this represents around 6,000 tonnes or 290 packages.

For the environment this means that we saved up to 100,000 km on the road and 160 tonnes of CO2!