News | 11/19/2018 Milestone for Liebherr 91EC

The longest standing crane in Australia, a Liebherr 91EC.

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James Cook University’s Daintree Rainforest Observatory at Cape Tribulation recently celebrated the 20th birthday of the Liebherr 91EC Tower Crane which plays a fundamental role in facilitating the university’s research. The 47m high crane is used to carry researchers from the forest floor to above the canopy to undertake ecology and biodiversity studies.

On top of its 20th anniversary, this crane has now been crowned the longest standing crane in Australia. The crane has seen great change in its 20 years, being hit but unfazed by a Category 3 Cyclone early on, and in more recent years has been equipped with automated sensors and wireless data network.

Being one of the team that was involved in putting up the crane 20 years ago, Liebherr-Australia General Manager Mobile Crane Division Andrew Esquilant, and Craig Jones and Jeff Cook from Morrow Equipment, recently attended an anniversary event.

Liebherr-Australia are proud of the unique and interesting application of this crane, and hope it continues to be an excellent resource for Australian and International research into the future.