News | 07/24/2018 Liebherr Tower Cranes enters into development partnership with RWTH Aachen

Founder members of the Center Construction Robotics – from Liebherr, among others, Stefan Strauch, Stéfanie Wohlfahrt, Uwe Rechtsteiner and Dominique Tasch (from left to right)

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The Liebherr Tower Cranes Division is entering into a development partnership with the Center Construction Robotics at RWTH Aachen. The start of the partnership was signalled by a kick-off event held on 12 July 2018 in Aachen.

Together with other well-known companies such as KUKA and Autodesk, Liebherr's objective at the Center Construction Robotics is to redesign the construction site of the future and to redevelop digitalisation from the pre-production phase, throughout the added value chain to the semi-automated construction site.

In addition to family shareholder Stéphanie Wohlfarth, the kick-off event was attended by Dominique Tasch (Engineering and Development Managing Director), Stefan Strauch (Production Managing Director), Joachim Klein (Head of Production Planning), Robert Bramberger (Engineering and Development Department Manager – Service & Data) and Sebastian Sturm (Market Management Department Manager) from the Liebherr Tower Cranes Division. Uwe Rechtsteiner from Liebherr-International AG was also present.

"We have discovered a very promising environment in Aachen with the concept of the Center Construction Robotics, which enables everybody concerned to adopt a designer role for the digital construction site. As a result of its renowned partners, Liebherr believes there is a good opportunity to make the vision of the construction site of the future reality," says Dominique Tasch, Engineering Managing Director of Liebherr-Werk Biberach GmbH and the Liebherr Tower Cranes Division.