News | 05/29/2017 Liebherr supplies CO2 sensors to ensure a sustainable reduction of the energy consumption for Deutsche Bahn railcars

Double-deck train operated by Deutsche Bahn – Copyright Bombardier

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Liebherr-Transportation Systems recently received an order from DB Regio for the delivery of a total of 120 sensor sets, which will subsequently be installed in the passenger compartment air conditioning systems of a total of 60 double-deck cars in the '94 and 2003 series from Deutsche Bahn. The sensors will be retrofitted by experts from Deutsche Bahn.

The sensors measure the CO2 content of the air in the car interior. Based on this signal, the respective occupancy level of the passenger area can be reliably determined and the fresh air supply can be regulated as required, increasing passenger comfort. The energy consumption is reduced and the operator saves operating costs. The occupation-dependent fresh air control system from Liebherr therefore contributes significantly to the improvement of the economic performance of the double-deck cars '94 and 2003. The efficiency of this measure was already successfully demonstrated prior to the awarding of the contract as part of a standardized measuring program at the Deutsche Bahn's own climate chamber for rail vehicles in Minden (Germany). DB Regio and Liebherr-Transportation Systems will implement the energy optimization measure by the end of 2017.

The contract with DB Regio also includes options for a further 842 conversion kits for 421 double-deck cars.

Dirk Junghans, Managing Director Sales, Marketing and Customer Services at Liebherr-Transportation Systems GmbH & Co KG says, “This order demonstrates our success in the field of energy optimization of existing systems. We are excited about the trust our customers have placed in us in this sector.”