News | 09/21/2022 Comfortable rides for commuters in Chicago

400 metro cars of the 7000-series will be delivered to CTA by 2024. – © CRRC Sifang America

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CRRC Sifang America, a leader in designing, engineering, and manufacturer of advanced passenger rail vehicles and high-speed trains, had selected Liebherr-Transportation Systems as the supplier for the hydraulic leveling system for the 7000 series rail cars ordered by Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), the second largest public transportation system in the United States.

The active suspension system underwent extensive service testing of prototype cars on all lines in Chicago, and Liebherr’s state of the art hydraulic leveling system will be installed in all 400 CTA’s 7000 series railcars. They are reliable and passenger-friendly, featuring a modern design with the most up-to-date technology onboard that creates comfortable ride for commuters.

Liebherr’s hydraulic leveling system enhances the passenger’s experience as it enables a barrier-free boarding and disembarking. This improved active suspension system uses sensors that adjust the height of the railcar floor with that of the platform for each car and station individually. Other benefits include the use of a pull-down technology, making the leveling system safe and reliable. Control is provided by a Liebherr-developed BK4 microprocessor, specifically designed for railway application.

Sabine Ullram, Project Manager Hydraulics at Liebherr-Transportation Systems Korneuburg (Austria) explains: "It is a great success for our project team that, after a four-year development phase, a new generation of leveling systems has been able to go into passenger service. The complex integration into the car required intensive collaboration with stakeholders across three continents China, Europe and the United States."