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Notícias | 16/04/2015 Easily and individually adjustable: the new Litronic crane controller for Liebherr tower cranes

Liebherr has upgraded its Litronic controller for tower cranes. The modern system can be adjusted individually to the needs of various uses. The new controller also satisfies the high requirements of the impending safety standard. Feedback from practical users was also used in the development work. This has resulted in a convenient controller which meets the high safety requirements of working on a site and also makes it easy for the crane driver to use.

The Litronic crane controller from Liebherr monitors, controls and coordinates all the main functions of Liebherr top-slewing cranes. The Litronic crane control system in general consists of several electronic function blocks and interfaces. These include as standard the LMB load moment limiting system, the ABB working range limiting system, the MDA machine data evaluation system and an interface for the AKS anti-collision system. The LiDAT fleet management system also interfaces with the new Litronic crane controller.

The new Litronic crane controller from Liebherr is easy to use for the crane driver. The electronic monitor system (EMS) enables him to adjust the settings to his personal working methods and adjust the speeds of all drive units as required. Depending on how he works and his own personal preferences he can also select various modes for the slewing, hoisting and trolley travel gear.