LR 1350/1 Crawler crane

The LR 1350/1 crawler crane features the very latest drive and control technology, lightweight, boom Systems with a high load capacity which are designed for easy transport and a low cost set-up and transport logistics system. The LR 1350/1 with a derrick boom and suspended ballast or a ballast trailer has a significantly higher load capacity.
Max. load capacity 350 t
Max. hoist height 152 m
Max. radius 110 m

Technical data

Max. load capacity 350 t
at radius 6.00 m
Main boom, lightweight/heavyweight from 18 m
Main boom, lightweight/heavyweight up to 120 m
Max. load torque 4,272 tm
Lattice jib from 24.0 m
Lattice jib up to 90.0 m
Derrick boom from 27 m
Central ballast 38 t
Counterweight at superstructure 125 t
Derrick ballast 210 t
Engine power 270 kW
Driving speed 1.63 km/h
Total ballast 373.00 t