One of the essential value creation processes in e-mobility is battery production for electrically powered vehicles. However, until now the overall solutions required by the automotive industry for the complete production chain from cell to finished battery pack have been mainly offered by Asian manufacturers. While the expertise for specialized individual processes is available in Europe, the challenge still remains of integrating this into an overall system for series production. Together, Liebherr and Jonas & Redmann are now in a position to offer this.

Production systems for cell and module assembly: Jonas & Redmann

The Berlin-based Jonas & Redmann Group has been developing and manufacturing production systems for the areas of medical technology, photovoltaics, e-mobility and energy storage for over 30 years. In the energy storage business area, the scope of services ranges from machines for research and development up to complete assembly lines for battery cell and module. The company specializes in the integration of the necessary key technologies into assembly automation, laser processing, and recasting and precision filling processes.

Liebherr: a specialist in battery pack assembly

Liebherr specializes in automation solutions and processes in the area of battery pack assembly, from flexible small batch manufacturing to fully automated mass production. The scope of services ranges from machine and system chains and workpiece handling (via dosing, screwing and assembly processes), up to the integration of end-of-line test benches. As the general contractor, Liebherr is responsible for process reliability, data capture and project management. Liebherr can call on its decades of experience in automotive system construction.

We complement each other perfectly. Jonas & Redmann specializes in automation processes for small, light parts and fast cycle times, whereas we provide the expertise for handling the heavy battery packs.

Stefan Jehle, Head of Sales at Automation Systems

From electrode manufacture to the battery pack

The two companies are among the few providers in Europe to cover the complete and fully integrated value creation chain for the production of battery systems for e-mobility from a single source. “We complement each other perfectly. Jonas & Redmann specializes in automation processes for small, light parts and fast cycle times, whereas we provide the expertise for handling the heavy battery packs,” says Stefan Jehle, Head of Sales at Liebherr Automation Systems.

Competitive advantages thanks to turnkey solutions

Customers from the automotive industry benefit from the joint innovation strength, shortened project runtimes and single point of contact, since Liebherr, as the general contractor, assumes responsibility for the overall system. “Together, we are also very well prepared for market trends such as cell-to-pack (CTP) or cell-to-chassis (CTC), i.e. the installation of battery cells directly in the battery pack or vehicle floor,” adds Markus Benedikt, Head of Sales at Jonas & Redmann.

A further plus point is the spatial proximity to the production sites of the automotive manufacturers, since systems for battery manufacturing with very high investment costs, fast response times and spare parts availability are important for service.

Jonas & Redmann


Special machine construction

Company size:

approx. 500 employees

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Basis for future projects as well

The two companies have already worked together in various sales projects. “From the start, there was a great deal of agreement, both interpersonally and technologically,” emphasizes Markus Benedikt. Stefan Jehle adds: “The customer benefits from the presence of a general contractor for the overall system, with clearly defined responsibilities and interfaces."

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