Working where others go on holiday: a Swiss banking group has built its new global headquarters in Geneva, accommodating up to 2,600 employees under one roof. Until recently, the group's employees had been spread over six locations in the world’s financial and diplomatic centre.

No fewer than five top-slewing cranes from Liebherr helped to erect the building, which seeks to bring together a global outlook, elegance and innovation in its architecture. Four 280 EC-H cranes and a 340 EC-B 12 predominantly assisted with concreting work.

Cranes from Liebherr’s EC-H series excel at moving heavy loads. In-house manufactured high-performance drives ensure an impressive handling capacity. The high-top cranes are particularly well-suited for medium-sized and larger construction projects, including industrial and plant construction.

Transport, assembly, handling capacity and safety – the clever overall concept of the EC-B series offers advanced solutions in all areas. Compact transport units and efficient assembly solutions, including a well-designed compact head and LiConnect quick assembly connections for jibs and counter-jibs, ensure optimal efficiency when it comes to transport and assembly.

Various climbing and rigging systems allow Liebherr top-slewing cranes to reach high hook heights. Smart assistance systems, such as ABB and Micromove, help the crane operator to operate their tower crane efficiently and safely. An ergonomic control stand provides optimal comfort when working and a comprehensive view of the construction site.