Liebherr on board the E-Jet E2 from Embraer

Liebherr-Aerospace has developed, provides and services the high-lift system and the air management system, as well as landing gear components for the second generation of Embraer's E-Jet family. The E2 family benefits from the most advanced systems certified in the history of aviation, allowing increased flight control agility, optimized safety and comfort, as well as substantially reduced operating costs.

Embraer's new E-Jet E2 - Copyright Embraer

Embraer's new E-Jet E2 - Copyright Embraer

In June 2013, Embraer has launched the second generation of its E-Jet family of commercial aircraft, the E-Jets E2, which comprise three new versions, the E175-E2, E190-E2, and E195-E2.

The E190-E2 entered into service in April 2018. The other variants will follow in 2019 (E195-E2) and in 2020 (E175-E2).

On-board with three product lines

Embraer selected Liebherr-Aerospace as the supplier of the advanced high-lift system, the integrated air management system, the nose wheel steering control module, as well as the leg strut and trailing arm for the main landing gear.

High-lift system

The high-lift system features a complete fly-by-wire control system with dual channel skew detection. The system includes integrated computers, highly reliable hydraulic and electro-mechanical actuators and power control units.

Air management system

The air management system features integrated control architecture with the latest technologies in terms of lightweight electro-pneumatic and mechanical components. It includes the engine bleed air system, the air conditioning system and the cabin pressure control system. The systems feature a very high level of control integration, with superior features to improve the passenger comfort (e.g. multi zone thermal environment management, cabin pressure smooth control), as well as the latest technology to minimize the air system related engine fuel burn.

The compact bleed valve technology offers superior performances for enhanced maintainability, and reliability. This Liebherr technology allows significant reductions in operational costs and CO2 emission, contributing to respect the environment.

Nose wheel steering control module

The nose wheel steering control module is a computer module that allows steering the aircraft’s nose landing gear when the aircraft is taxiing. The module is adapted from the current landing gear system of the first E-Jet generation developed by Liebherr-Aerospace.

Leg strut and trailing arm

Liebherr-Aerospace manufactures the landing gear components according to the drawings by ELEB*, which is responsible for the E175-E2 main landing gear design. The trailing arm is made of titanium, the leg strut of steel.

*ELEB Equipamentos Ltda. ("ELEB") is a wholly-owned Embraer subsidiary located in São José dos Campos which produces and sells precision hydraulic and mechanical equipment for the aviation industry, mainly for Embraer aircraft.

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  • There are always two air conditioning packs on board an E-Jet E2 aircraft

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    Video: E190-E2 First Flight - Best Moments

    The E190-E2 first flight took place on May 23rd, 2016 at Embraer headquarters in São José dos Campos, Brazil. Here are the best moments.

    The E190-E2 first flight took place on May 23rd, 2016 at Embraer headquarters in São José dos Campos, Brazil. Here are the best moments. Play video

    The E190-E2 first flight took place on May 23rd, 2016 at Embraer headquarters in São José dos Campos, Brazil. Here are the best moments.


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