Feature map

The software package Crane Planner 2.0 is available in three versions to perfectly suit the requirements of the specific user:

  • Free licence
  • Sales licence
  • Engineer licence

The free version features – amongst other functions – 2D views of the scene, display of basic objects, standard dimensioning as well as feasibility studies. The sales version additionally offers machine data as well as lift plans relating to a specific crane’s serial number. With the engineer version also 3D views of the scene, a comprehensive objects library, the partition of the complete lift into particular working steps as well as user-specific dimensioning are available for the user.

Licence versions

Feature Free Sales Engineer
2D views x x x
3D view     x
Basic objects x x x
Objects library     x
Working steps     x
Standard dimensioning x x x
User-specific dimensioning     x
Feasibility study (portfolio related) x x x
Lift plan (serial no. related)   x x
Technical drawing   x x

Advanced and demo versions

If you want to purchase an engineer or sales licence, or apply for the relevant free 3-month demo version, do not hesitate to contact our IT solutions team.