The NC-B series. Exactly the power you need

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Technical features

Multifunctional equipment

The hydraulic system makes internal climbing up to 501 metres working height as well as external climbing within the same unit possible.

Tower system

This multi-purpose component is a part of the versatile new 16 EC tower system besides tower sections for more than one possible application.


Filigree prefabricated parts have to be positioned gently. That is why loads can be positioned with great accuracy and held without jerking using the Liebherr unique micromove function.

FC drive units

The NC-B series comes along with strong high-performance drives and impressive maximum load capacities up to 12 tonnes.


Fast-erecting crane L1 outlined lifting steps weighing 1,000 kilogrammes

Steel bars
approx. 1,200 kg

Fast-erecting crane L1 outlined lifting slabs weighing 800 kilogrammes

Stone pallets
approx. 700 – 800 kg

Fast-erecting crane L1 outlined lifting filigree floors weighing 2,000 kilogrammes

Prefabricated concrete elements
approx. 3,500 – 4,500 kg

Fast-erecting crane L1 outlined lifting material container weighing 12,000 kilogrammes

Material Containers
up to 12,000 kg

Our Products

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NC-B 12-70

  • Standard LN 308
  • Max. hook height 76.90 m
  • Max. lifting capacity 12,000 kg
  • Max. radius 70.00 m
  • Lifting capacity at max. radius 2,000 kg