Components for special vehicles

High performance, particularly lightweight design or ability to work under extreme conditions - each special vehicle has different requirements that need to be focused on. Components from Liebherr have the right answer to this. Special vehicles are also often equipped with special equipment. For their development, Liebherr offers not just components and system solutions but also engineering solutions.

Advantages of Liebherr components

  • Adaptability
    Our diesel engines are also as versatile as the breadth of special vehicles. In close co-operation with our customers, we develop the right solution for vehicles used onroad and offroad.
  • Modular
    Liebherr diesel engines are modular in design and available for emissions stages between Tier 0 and Stage V. The same base engines feature identical interfaces and installation space requirements. In this way, they offer the best prerequisites for straightforward use of different emission stages in the same unit.
  • Efficient
    Liebherr develops injection systems and engine controls that are ideally adapted to our diesel engines. This results in efficient solutions with reduced fuel consumption.
  • Safe and precise
    Precise movement of the boom is of paramount importance e.g. for fire engines. This is made possible with very small backlash of the gearbox. In combination with our large diameter bearings, Liebherr swivelling drives provide the highest level of stability and safety here.
  • Compact
    With special vehicles registered for road use, every kilogram of weight counts. Thanks to their integral design, Liebherr gearboxes are very compact and enable an optimum power to weight ratio.
Gearboxes and rope winches: Products and applications
  • Universally deployable
    Axial piston pumps and motors from Liebherr impress with their deployment versatility, e.g. as drive units and fan drives or in work equipment of special vehicles.
  • Reliable
    Our customers place particular value on the long service life and reliable functionality of the Liebherr hydraulic units.

Specifically designed products

  • Axial piston motor FMF
    The constant motors of the FMF series have impressed for years with their compact and sturdy design. The nominal sizes are finely stepped and are used in special vehicles with precision for the respective application.
  • Versatile
    Be it infotainment or digital camera - our electronics solutions are suitable for special vehicles in onroad and offroad applications.
  • Harmonised
    Our portfolio comprises control systems with integrated diagnostic software and human-machine interfaces with numerous components. The trouble-free interplay of all Liebherr components ensures fast and reliable solutions.
  • Customer orientated
    Due to the high degree of specialisation, many special vehicles are manufactured in small numbers. Our customers therefore profit from the fact that Liebherr standard products are also available in limited quantities.
  • Available for a long time
    Even for a 25 year old machine, our customers can acquire electronics parts such as compact control unit or display for their equipment featuring state-of-the-art equipment.
Control technology and electronics: Products and applications