Backhoe buckets

Liebherr backhoe buckets perform ideally for picking up, transporting, lifting and emptying soil and medium-heavy soils in horticulture and landscaping and on work sites with smaller construction areas. Backhoe buckets

2in1 buckets

The 2in1 bucket combines face shovel and high bucket into one attachment. In combination with a SWA 33 or SWA 48 quick coupler, the bucket can be changed quickly, safely and conveniently directly from the cab without any modifications. 2in1 buckets

Grading buckets

The grading bucket in combination with the tiltrotator enables precise and demanding grading and modelling work with the long, flat bucket floor. Even complex jobs on house walls or other obstacles can be completed easily, safely and conveniently thanks to the special bevelled bucket shape. The bucket can also be optionally equipped with an HD reinforcement set or a bolt-on cutting edge for abrasive materials. Grading buckets

Ditch cleaning buckets

Liebherr ditch cleaning buckets are used for picking up, transporting, lifting and emptying soft to medium soils. The bucket is extremely well-suited for digging ditches and trenches, for creating embankments and verges, levelling and clearing ditches. Ditch cleaning buckets

Tilt buckets

The tilt bucket is an ideal all around attachment, providing a good compromise between the backhoe bucket and ditch-cleaning-bucket. The large tilt angle of the bucket with 2x50° impresses with flexibility and durability, and is especially suitable for soft to medium soils. Tilt buckets

Universal buckets

The universal bucket is ideally suited as a supplement for the tiltrotator or the LiTiU tilt unit. In this combination, the bucket is predestined for creating different embankment slopes or for modeling embankments and earth walls. Universal buckets