Building the future

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MK mobile construction cranes - building the future.


Urban and night sites

Cable bridge, Munich (D)

Refineries and chemical plants

BP refinery, Lingen (D)

Roof refurbishment

Department store renovation, Siegen (D)

Installation of solar panels

Solar roof on building materials store, Augsburg (D)

Prefabricated component and house construction

Amazon building, Munich-Riem (D)

Maintenance and repair work

Schouten gates, Rotterdam (NL)

Bridge and road building

Valley bridge, Wetzlar (D)

Wood, steel and hall construction

Production hall, Telfs (A)


“The mobile construction crane was ready to start work in less than an hour. Its small footprint was a real benefit.”



MK 88-4.1 - Mobile construction crane

Lines 2
Max. lifting capacity 8,000 kg
Lifting capacity at max. radius 2,200 kg
Max. hook height 30.20 m
Luffed jib position 15 / 30 / 45°
Liebherr MK 88-4.1 mobile construction crane

MK 140 - Mobile construction crane

Lines 2
Max. lifting capacity 8,000 kg
Lifting capacity at max. radius 1,900 kg
Max. hook height 39.90 m
Luffed jib position 70°
Liebherr MK 140 mobile construction crane