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Issue December 2021

In edition 2 we present our newcomer, the LTM 1110-5.2 with new crane control LICCON3, the new edition of the UpLoad video magazine, our filter and service kit promotion and the new 2022 training programme for customers. 2nd issue, December 2021

Issue August 2021

Find out in our first newsletter issue how our cranes contribute to the environment through HVO, what you can expect in the new UpLoad magazine and how every crane job can be optimally planned with our digital planning tools. 1st issue, August 2021

Customer magazine

The magazine for customers and friends of mobile and crawler cranes. Here you will find some extraordinary crane impressions and stories! Discover our magazine

Time-tested in action

Dizzying heights and massive loads: Our mobile and crawler cranes delight experts and fans all over the world with their performance. Crane jobs

Mobile crane technology

Liebherr is renowned for its very high technological level and innovative crane concepts. We invest heavily in research and development to maintain this. Mobile crane technology

Excellent service

Liebherr has a global service network. Our all-round service extends from competent advice and training to used cranes. Service & information