Portal mobile cranes - LPM

The LPM-series combines a space-saving crane installation mounted on a portal with utmost mobility given through conventional rubber tyres. In fact, the design is a mix of the well-established Liebherr mobile harbour crane and the related rail-mounted portal solution. By taking out and combining two essential design elements the LPM was born. A portal crane on wheels is the outcome.

  • Space-saving portal undercarriage and efficient mobile harbour crane technology

  • The new mobile portal system is applicable for up to five cranes sizes from LPM 120 to LPM 550

  • Performance of conventional steering or slewing on the spot is possible and provided as standard

  • Precise and individual positioning which brings a high grade of flexibility

  • The LPM is equipped with wheelsets that enable 360-degree mobility

  • LPM-series

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      LPM 550 LPM 420 LPM 280 LPM 180 LPM 120
    Maximum lifting capacity 144 tonnes 124 tonnes 84 tonnes 64 tonnes 42 tonnes
    Maximum outreach 54 metres 48 metres 40 metres 35 metres 30 metres
    The load capacities may vary depending on the application.

    Advantages at a glance

    The LPM provides unrestricted mobility as the space-saving portal system is equipped with wheelsets that enable 360-degree mobility.

    • Driving in longitudinal, diagonal or transverse direction
    • Performance of conventional steering or slewing on the spot
    • Electronically controlled

    The unique feature of the new Liebherr Portal Mobile crane is a gantry on rubber tires. Unrestricted mobility enables the crane to be travelled from one quay to another. And especially on quays where space is limited or traffic is high the LPM demonstrates its benefits:

    • Precise and individual positioning
    • High grade of maneuverability and flexibility
    • Good drive-under capability, other vehicles can keep moving unhindered

    The Liebherr portal mobile crane types have the same technical features as the equivalent Liebherr mobile harbour crane types.

    • Same ground pressures under tires and under supporting plates
    • Same maximum lifting capacity and load curves
    • Same supporting base and load distribution

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