With Live Online Training, Liebherr has expanded its proven, practical on-site training format to include a digital format. Elaborate media technology depicts the processes on the machines in the brand-new Machine Training Center (MTC): Here, grinding, hobbing and gear inspection machines with state-of-the-art technology, are available for the participants and offer ideal training conditions for on-site training and – thanks to up-to-date camera equipment – also for Live Online Training. During the training session, the trainer can superimpose the control system and work area of the machines accordingly using several cameras. Small learning groups with a maximum of six participants enable an interactive learning dialog with the trainer, therefore increasing the learning value.

MTC Machine Training Center (MTC)

  • On-site or online training in dedicated rooms in the Liebherr factory under ideal training conditions
  • Equipment: gear hobbing machine, generating gear grinding machine, and gear inspection machine, all with state-of-the-art technology
  • Programming and simulation stations to deepen understanding of the learning subject
  • Introduction to new software products
  • Motivated trainers from the field
  • Very high-level training
  • Inexpensive and targeted employee training; individual participation is also possible

LOT Live Online Training (LOT)

  • Digital, interactive “live” learning using the latest media technology
  • Travel time and costs are omitted; participation is possible from anywhere with the appropriate equipment and technical prerequisites
  • Integration of machines from the MTC using elaborate camera technology
  • Standard training courses possible with short preliminary planning
  • Training is individual to the customer and their requirements, with a question and answer session
  • Small groups with max. 6 participants
  • Didactic concept: interactive learning dialog
  • Languages: German and English

“We wanted to offer more than just web seminars. It was quite an effort to implement the Live Online Training, but we wanted to offer our customers the modular and topic-based training program online, as much as possible, in the same scope and quality that they are used to from our on-site training. Thanks to the technical equipment and our didactic concept, high training level is also guaranteed in the digital format”, says Markus Bahsler, head of the Liebherr Academy. The whole program is capped by comprehensive training documents.

New possibilities in a digital format

Travel time and costs are omitted, and participation is possible from practically anywhere around the globe. The format even opens up additional flexibility: Product-related training can also be implemented, and companies can register their employees individually for this. Individual sequences of a training course can also be combined logically. An additional benefit: For specific questions, there is the possibility of individual question and answer sessions after the seminar.

Contact the Academy team and order the current training program!

Contact and individual customer advice:
Vanessa Gräßle
Phone: +49 831 786-1010
[email protected]

Full catalog of all the training courses

The new catalog on the Liebherr website provides an overview of the entire training program. Prepared in a graphically appealing way, it makes the structure and logical sequence of the training units transparent and offers the possibility of configuring employee qualification yourself.

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