The double loader features a moving turret with second telescopic fork
The double loader features a moving turret with second telescopic fork

The version with double loader features a moving turret with second telescopic fork. This is offset by 90 degrees and is able to fulfill two different functions:

1. The telescopic fork can carry an unfinished part in one motion and reload the machine straight after unloading the machined workpiece. This is of particular interest for direct-loading processing centres without pallet changer or systems with multiple machines. Compared with the single loader, the pallet change time is halved.

2. The double loader can be equipped with different transport forks that fit various pallet sizes. Of course the direct change then no longer works but two different machine sizes can be connected to the system.

“A PHS Allround can supply up to four machines with workpieces clamped on pallets”, explains Thomas Mattern, Head of Automation System Development. “It consists of one modular system and can be set-up with completely different configurations and also easily extended at a later date. It is this modularity in particular that makes it so popular in the market.” Currently on the market, the PHS 1500 can allow a workpiece and pallet up to 1,500 kilograms. There are also two new versions being developed allowing transport loads of 800 kilograms and 3,000 kilograms respectively.

Reduced processing cycle

“We have already increased our resources due to the high demand”, reports Knut Jendrok, Regional Sales Manager of Automation Systems. He promises a further push forward from the double loader: “This is a prime-time-relevant feature: loading is faster, which thereby reduces the processing cycle. With shorter processing times, in particular, and frequent pallet changes as a result there are significant advantages: the shorter the processing time, the more interesting a double loader becomes.”

A popular advantage of the PHS Allround is not impaired by the double loader: The long telescopic stroke of the single loader remains unchanged in this version and as such offers the opportunity of integrating frontal access. Individual machines can be decoupled from the system through the secure intermediate spaces between the machine and PHS, while the remaining processing centres can continue to operate without restriction in automatic mode. “This is unique in this constellation”, remarks Knut Jendrok.


  • Faster pallet change time at the tool machine thanks to second telescopic fork
  • Double loader can replace the machine-specific pallet changer
  • Greater flexibility in machine selection by handling of two different pallet sizes in one system

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