Bigger, better, faster: the new LHStation control panel

More than a new control panel: Under a 24 inch monitor, the LHStation combines the new Sinumerik One system line with the new LHGearTec software for all gear engineering equipment. This constellation makes complete machining of a gear workpiece possible.

When Peter Pruschek, Head of Electronic and Control System Development at Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH, presents the new LHGearTec control system, he first highlights the striking new features: “We are entering the market with a 24 inch touchscreen monitor – an above-average size for machine tools. The monitor is flanked by an additional number pad for fast numeric input because we have learnt that inputting data on a touch basis is not suitable for workshop applications. Moreover, the control panel is supplemented by a removable handheld unit with a second touchscreen display, the LHMobile. The handheld unit – the first of its kind in this form – is an integral part of machine operation.”

Not only does it simply mirror the view of the large screen, there are also operator functions and displays between the fixed main screen and the removable handheld unit. “The LHGearTec display on the main screen guides the user through the programming and set-up procedures. The LHStation offers the operator the present handling functions that are currently required, while the large screen provides more clarity and further details and data.”


  • Broader range of parts possible
  • All gear engineering equipment
  • Complete machining of gears saves time and improves accuracy
  • Higher operating speed
  • Context-sensitive user guidance
  • Tool changing system
  • Use of Siemens cycles
  • Can be changed between electronic gearbox and interpolation
  • 24 inch display
  • Separate operating unit with own screen

Two control surfaces in matrimony

The LHGearTec software from Liebherr benefits from a completely new design and more intuitive user guidance. All gear engineering equipment can be shown on the screen. Furthermore, it is also possible to use all functionality of the “Sinumerik Operate” control system interface that underpins it. Peter Pruschek explains the advantages:“We are able to cover a broader workpiece spectrum and machine gear workpieces completely with the aid of machining cycles – including additional processes such as drilling, hobbing or turning. With special applications and small batch sizes, this saves the user time. Complete machining in a workpiece clamping fixture can also increase accuracy and reduce the amount of effort required for handling.” The LK 280 DC will fully utilise these functions as the first Liebherr machine (read "More than just gear skiving" to learn more).

The display on the screen changes between LHGearTec and the Siemens interface depending on the machining process. For actuation, Liebherr will rely on the new Siemens control system generation Sinumerik One in future.

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