The LGG 400 M has been developed with an eye towards aerospace and job shop customers. It fits into the same footprint as its little sister, the LGG 280, but has grown in height. With a different housing and a column extension, it is perfect for machining long shafts because the travel of the main and counter column has been extended.

"Our users can utilize a variety of grinding heads for internal and external gears," says Oliver Kraft, Manager Development and Design of Gear Cutting Machines. "They can perform generating grinding with high productivity on workpieces up to 280 millimeter in diameter or profile grinding on even larger components up to 400 millimeters. This means even greater flexibility then its sister machine."

This means even greater flexibility then its sister machine.

Oliver Kraft, Manager Development and Design of Gear Cutting Machines

Ideal for long shafts

The concept came about from the requirements of the market. Long shafts with small diameters have come into demand, required by customers in the aerospace and job shop industries - often for short runs. Liebherr offers an optional crane for optimal handling of large parts. "We have ergonomically adapted the machines overall," Kraft explains. "Due to the height, we have incorporated fold-out stair steps so workers are better able to reach the working area. Large viewing windows provide the operator with the best possible overview of the working area and the process."


The technical highlights include a newly developed swivel-out and swivel-in measuring sensor, which makes on-board inspection possible. As with all Liebherr products, the quality of the machine and the workpieces, the customer can machine, take center stage. The LGG 400 M can implement various profile and lead modifications, allowing gears and shafts to be consistently ground with optimized microgeometry and noise characteristics. The machine features software options for twist-free (TF) gear grinding as well as twist-free and deviation-free gear grinding (Deviation Free Topological, DFT). An end relief (GER) and noise excitation optimized modification (NEO) is also available for generating grinding.

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