Liftinghero Çağri: Life is much better when you love the job that you do.

Meet Çağri Sağiroğlu from Istanbul. Çağri works as a tower crane service technician for Liebherr’s subsidiary company in Turkey. He is currently supporting the construction of Turkey’s first nuclear power station, the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant. Ten 1000 EC-H 40 cranes are in operation almost around the clock to ensure optimal construction site logistics. And Çağri is there to make sure that the cranes run smoothly and reliably.

“It’s quite impressive what ten 40-tonne tower cranes can achieve when everything is tightly coordinated.”

  • Çağri has been part of an exciting major project before: the construction of the Yusufeli Dam near Artvin, one of the world’s largest hydroelectric power plants. The double-curvature arch dam is the tallest in Turkey and one of the ten tallest in the world. Its height is recorded as 249 m from foundation level. Çağri was responsible for disassembling the tower cranes used.

    “When I see the basin that will remain submerged in water when the dam is opened, it reminds me what a fascinating major project it is.”

  • In his free time, Çağri enjoys working on cars – preferably of the sports kind.

    “I love modifying engine parts of cars and increasing their performance.”

  • Profile Çağri Sağiroğlu

    Name: Çağri Sağiroğlu Age: 31 years Home: Istanbul, Turkey Experience: 2 years Job: Tower crane service technician Slogan: Life is much better when you love the job that you do.