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L1 series at Bauma 2022

Upgrade of the L1 series

The optimisation of the L1 series is primarily focused on control technology. The L1-24 and L1-32 are the first machines in the series to feature the fifth generation of Liebherr's own control hardware, which a number of other Liebherr Group construction machines, including mobile excavators, dumpers, deep foundation equipment, mobile harbour cranes and wheel loaders are already equipped with. The control system is designed to be particularly robust and durable to meet the demands of such a diverse range of uses. Strong vertical integration within the Liebherr Group ensures that spare parts are available long term.

In terms of software, the cranes are fitted with the second generation of the Tower Crane OS operating system. This means that the cranes feature a new user interface, which top-slewing cranes from the EC-B series began using last year. The new control system is also an important step towards the cranes' future viability as it opens the door to new assistance systems, and the software architecture itself is designed for future expansion. Future assistance systems, which are possible with the new control system, are to further increase safety and efficiency around operations and processes on site.

25 and 27-metre jibs for the L1-24 and a 30-metre jib for the L1-32 remain available. The different ballast and transport axle options also continue to be included, ensuring flexible use of the machines. Quick assembly and easy handling coupled with a compact footprint make the cranes a great choice for construction firms and crane rental businesses as well as for timber frame companies.

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  • Standard EN 14439
  • Max. hook height 21.30 m
  • Max. lifting capacity 4,000 kg
  • Max. radius 30.00 m
  • Lifting capacity at max. radius 1,050 kg
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  • Standard EN 14439
  • Max. hook height 19.20 m
  • Max. lifting capacity 2,500 kg
  • Max. radius 27.00 m
  • Lifting capacity at max. radius 800 kg
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