Powerful trio on spanish wharf

A third Liebherr crane was installed in the Astilleros Gondán, S.A. Castropol (Asturias) shipyard in northern Spain. After a 1250 HC 50 (since 2009) and a 1250 HC 40 (since 2012) the group has now been supplemented with a new 1900 HC 60. The tower cranes will permanently stretch high into the sky and provide faithful service to the shipbuilding company.

Trio on spanish wharf

Trio on spanish wharf

Trio on spanish wharf

The cranes have load capacities between 40 and 60 tonnes to enable the shipyard to make its assembly processes more efficient. Since the 1900 HC 60 with a radius of 48m can still hoist 40 tonnes, even larger steel components can be prefabricated in the company‘s own production buildings and then assembled on the dock using the crane ensemble. The shipbuilding process can therefore be significantly speeded up as a result of using a lower number of components.

With jib lengths of up to 50m, hook heights of up to 57m and functions such as Micromove, the cranes are ideal for positioning large components for ships with millimetre precision. The Commercial Director of the shipyard, Daniel Scavuzzo, is highly satisfied with his decision: The production rate has been increased significantly. “Reliability and absolutely top technology“ are his words to describe the Liebherr products.

Solution provider: Tower Crane Solutions

Since there is often very little space available in the port area and the third crane had to be moved between the existing units, a precise location had to be planned for the 1900 HC 60 and a great deal of technical expertise was required. The height was precisely tailored to requirements using a specially designed base tower. The planning work for this was carried out by Liebherr Industrias Métalicas,S.A. with support from the Department for Special Solutions, the Tower Crane Solutions in Biberach.

Special solution

Specially developed foundation anchors and foundations ensure that the crane has great stability despite being located on a coastline renown for storms. To protect the cranes from corrosion in the salty sea air, they were painted with a special coating for maritime use. In addition all the housings of the electronic equipment are made of stainless steel.

The Astilleros Gondán shipyard

HC Heavy Load Cranes 1250 HC 50, 1250 HC 40 and 1900 HC 60 at the shipyard

HC Heavy Load Cranes 1250 HC 50, 1250 HC 40 and 1900 HC 60 at the shipyard

Astilleros Gondán, S.A. is a family-run company which specialises in shipbuilding. The company first opened for business in 1925 and started to build ships with steel cladding in 1969. The company has grown steadily ever since it was founded.

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Large cranes from Liebherr are suitable for projects which require high hook heights and radii. And at the same time these cranes can handle enormous loads. Product overview of Heavy-Load cranes

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