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Our powerful classic: High-top EC-H

High-top EC-H cranes can handle high load capacities and have an unmistakable silhouette. The various size classes prove their worth for medium and large construction projects, for example for industrial and plant construction.

630 EC-H & 280 EC-H

Four reliable Liebherr high-top cranes have been involved in the construction of Germany's third-highest railway bridge: a 280 EC-H 12 Litronic, two 280 EC-H 16 Litronic and a 630 EC-H 40 Litronic.


280 EC-H

Working where others go on holiday: a Swiss banking group has built its new global headquarters in Geneva, accommodating up to 2,600 employees under one roof.

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420 EC-H & 280 EC-H

170 metre office tower – Liebherr cranes involved in construction of “To‑Lyon”. EC-H and EC-B series cranes in Lyon, France, working on the development of a modern urban district.

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Grand Paris

Powerful cranes with reliable service are required at the “Grand Paris” sites where a project is in hand to enable people in and around Paris to get to their destinations more quickly in the future.

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1000 EC-H 50 Litronic

Antonio Basso S.p.A was the first customer in Italy to take delivery of a new-look Liebherr 1000 EC-H 50 Litronic crane. The tower crane is a reliable part of production processes at the company’s headquarters in Treviso.


280 EC-H, 200 EC-H & 154 EC-H

Liebherr tower cranes build world’s third largest double-curvature arch dam.On the Coruh River in northeastern Turkey, a 273-metre high arch dam is under construction for a hydroelectric power plant.

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550 EC-H 40 Litronic

A bridge spanning some 48 kilometres has been completed within around four years in the Arab Emirate of Kuwait and now connects Kuwait City with Subiyah.

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The Clement Canopy in Singapur

The first PPVC structure built exclusively of concrete on the island has been built in Singapore. Lots of heavy prefabricated concrete parts had to be hoisted for this purpose. Building contractor Dragages Singapore used two Liebherr flagships for this purpose – two 1000 EC-H 40 Litronics.

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280 EC-H 16 & 200 EC-H 10

A total of 23 Liebherr tower cranes are being used for the extension of the "Santiago Nueva Pudahuel International" in Chile.

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58 EC-H series tower cranes

58 EC-H series tower cranes are working on the construction of what will be the largest airport in the world.

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630 EC-H 40 Litronic

In Edinburgh (Scotland), three Liebherr 630 EC-H 40 Litronic top-slewing cranes are involved in the Forth Crossing Bridge construction. This 2.7 km long bridge will be the world’s longest cable suspension bridge with three pylons.

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