Everything on board - Solidlink Kit

Solidlink Kit L507-L509

Solidlink Kit L507-L509

A machine that reliably delivers the best performance is certainly what everyone wants. Unfortunately, wear and damage cannot be completely ruled out. It's good to have everything at hand quickly.

We offer kits specially designed for quick couplers. The case contains the most important spare parts for the device-related quick coupler size as well as a small selection of tools required to replace the seals.

Sealing plugs in flexible nominal sizes are included for environmentally friendly coupling replacement. This prevents hydraulic oil from leaking from the hydraulic hoses into the environment. In addition, a parts list for easy reordering and instructions for replacing the Solidlink seals are included on the attachment page. This allows operators, the customer's own workshop personnel or service technicians to quickly replace spare parts on site. The Solidlink "Operator's Kit" is designed to be easily stored in the machine's toolbox so that it is always where you need it.

The following emergency case solidlink are available now at an advantageous offer price:

- Solidlink Kit 33 and 48 (Id-No. 13707711).

- Solidlink Kit 66 (Id-No. 13730313)

- Solidlink Kit MH40 (Id-No. 13730325)

- Solidlink Kit L507-L509 (Id-No. 13730474)

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