Simply practical: Oil spout and oil discharge tap

It is often the little things that make life easier

So in our lubricants department, we have also had a close look at how we can make your everyday work easier.

Liebherr’s 20 litre containers are supplied with a bleeder valve to ensure that the containers can be emptied evenly and in controlled fashion. All the canisters have a clearly legible scale that shows the level in the container. But that’s not enough.

The reusable oil spouts make your work even easier and enable you to work efficiently. This small accessory is hardly visible, but delivers a whole range of benefits:

  • Less spillage at small lube points or ones with difficult access, and therefore less waste and better environmental protection
  • Easier discharge, particularly for removing small quantities in the workshop
  • Ergonomic, efficient process as the containers can remain on the shelf when discharging oil
  • Keeps contamination of the container to a minimum
  • Reusable

Oil spout

Ideal for use in the field

Suitable for 5 litre container: Serial No. 11839028

Suitable for 20 litre container: Serial No. 1183902

Oil discharge tap

Ideal for decanting in the workshop without drips

Suitable for 5 litre container: Serial No. 11839021

Suitable for 20 litre container: Serial No. 11839023

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