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Liebherr Cylinder Protect provides the security you need.

Liebherr Cylinder Protect

Liebherr Cylinder Protect

Lengthy downtime creates certain challenges for your machine, particularly if it is exposed to the elements: The risk of piston rod corrosion increases. But not if you take the right precautions.

“If you rest, you rust” goes the saying. Machines which take a winter break or are not started for lengthy periods require appropriate protection. A Liebherr machine has excellent protection to normal conditions when it is delivered. From time to time, the blade should be reinforced, particularly around the piston rods. “Liebherr Cylinder Protect” corrosion inhibitor delivers effective protection. The spray is available in single 600ml cans (Part number 12252802) or in a box of 12 cans (Part number 12252803).

You can order Liebherr Cylinder Protect Spray right now online or by contacting your Liebherr service partner.


  • Convenient
    • Ready to use
    • Removes water quickly
  • Safe
    • Does not damage the wiper as the product does not harden
    • Tested compatibility with sealing systems used on Liebherr hydraulic cylinders

  • Protects people and the environment
    • Contains no barium

Tips for use:

In normal conditions, the corrosion inhibitor should be applied for the first time after one week. In the event of aggressive chemical influences, for example winter salt or alkalis, the first application is recommended after just 24 hours of no cylinder movement. Before applying the corrosion inhibitor, the surface of the piston rod must be carefully wiped down with a clean cloth to remove all visible contamination, such as dust and dirt. There is no need to use an additional cleaning product. The corrosion inhibitor can be applied straight from the spray can. The protective effect lasts for a maximum of four months and must be renewed after this time. When the machine is restarted, there is no need to clean the hydraulic cylinders’ piston rods as the corrosion inhibitor will be removed by the wiper and can be removed without any great effort even after a lengthy downtime, leaving no residue behind.


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