Injectors and high-pressure pumps – now also available as replacement parts in the Reman range!

Reman articles are the favourable alternative to new parts. Due to the growing popularity of replacement components in the Reman range, we now offer injectors and high pressure pumps as replacement parts for many of our earthmoving and material handling machines.

Why this should interest you?

When you buy an exchange item, you save three times over:

1. Your purchase price is significantly cheaper than buying a new part.

2. When you return the old part, you also receive a lucrative core credit. This is also particularly interesting for injectors!

3. By reusing parts, you make an active contribution to resource conservation.

  • Good to know:

    Reliability from the clean room

    Injectors and high-pressure pumps require special care and know-how during reconditioning in order to develop their full performance reliably and in the long term.

    We therefore apply special requirements such as clean room technology and state-of-the-art test bench and cleaning techniques in accordance with manufacturer specifications. Checking the suction capacity of the pre-feed pump as well as an additional inspection of the high pressure sensor are only two examples here.

    Delivery and return criteria

    The rules for “attachment components” apply to the two new component groups. These can be read at: Reman Programme / Remanufacturing - Liebherr

    Redemption and credit made easy

    The return and crediting of the old part is very simple. The individual steps can be looked up under Reman programme / Remanufacturing - Liebherr. The chart can also be downloaded via the EMT Sales App.

    We provide a wide range of components in the Reman range for earthmoving and material handling machines.

    For more information and exciting research on how this saves resources, visit our Reman website.