Individual damage repair as part of the Reman programme

Liebherr's Reman programme also includes individual damage repair. 50% of the new part warranty is granted on the repaired overall component. The repair time and price depend on the extent of the damage and the work involved.

At a glance

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Component for clients Customer property
Machine downtime Performance-based
Costs of the repair Offer
Dismanting and cleaning Partial
Paint and rust removal Partial
Assembly Replace defective parts with reman or new parts
Check According to OEM standard
Paintwork According to customer requirements
Guaranteeon total component 50% from new part

Available components

The Reman replacement range - A simple, efficient and convenient system

  • Need


    A spare part is needed at short notice for a defective component.

  • Request to service partner

    Request to service partner

    A repair request is submitted to the Liebherr service partner for the defective component.

  • Dispatch


    The defective component is sent to the service partner for diagnosis.

  • Disassembly at the repair centre

    Disassembly at the repair centre

    After delivery to the Repair Centre, the defective component is dismantled, cleaned and inspected. The findings for the necessary repair are then prepared.

  • Offer


    The customer receives a detailed offer for the repair based on the findings.

  • Repair


    The customer‘s own component will be repaired by the experts according to OEM standard.

  • Test run

    Test run

    After completion of the repair work, the component is subjected to an extensive test run, which must be completed successfully. Only then will the component be released for return shipment.

  • Painting


    The tested and approved component meets all quality and safety requirements and is then carefully painted.

  • Shipping


    The repaired customer component is returned to the customer.

  • Installation


    The repaired component is installed again.