Count on the full Liebherr guarantee

This option offers you refurbished components with the same reliability, service life and performance as a new part. With a replacement component, you can count on the full Liebherr warranty.

Original quality

Only original spare parts are used to ensure the usual high quality. You receive the same guarantee on a replacement component as on a new part.

Time advantage

With its excellent availability of 98% and well thought-out logistics for exchange components, Liebherr provides the foundation for efficient replacement.

Cost advantage

Thanks to the high core value, you save a lot of money compared to buying new parts.

At a glance

Table is scrollable
Component for clients Anonymous
Machine downtime Max. 1 day (installation and removal, applies to preventive order)
Costs of the repair Fixed price
Dismantling and cleaning Complete
Paint and rust removal Complete
Assembly Complete (according to current technical status)
Check According to OEM standard
Paintwork Complete
Guarantee on total component Like new part

Available components


Find and order replacement components easily
The portfolio of replacement components is constantly being expanded. Check right away to see if your required part is available.
Whether you need a replacement or a new part, you can order conveniently via the online shop.

Returns made easy – for everyone wishing to stay informed:

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  Diesel engine Hydraulics Gear units Hydraulic cylinders Electronics Attachments
Return criteria:            
Component is in the replacement programme
Component is complete and assembled
Component does not exhibit any traces of fire  
The old part must not be irreversibly damaged (no holes, not welded, cracked, deformed, burst, burned or broken)          
Terms and conditions of delivery:            
Component must not contain any operating fluids
Component must be protected against dirt ingress
Component must be in the original packaging or mounted on transport stand        
✓ = this criterion/condition must be fulfilled for return/delivery            

The Reman replacement range - A simple, efficient and convenient system

  • Demand


    A spare part is required quickly for a defective component.

  • Purchase


    The required component is ordered as a replacement part which is immediately available from the Reman range with the same performance and quality as a new part. Information is available and the purchase order can be placed using a service partner or MyLiebherr.

  • Inventory / Logistics

    Inventory / Logistics

    The inventory and logistics for replacement components from the Reman range are identical to those for new parts.

  • Installation and removal

    Installation and removal

    The installation and removal work can be carried out by the customer or by a service partner.

  • Assessment of the old part

    Assessment of the old part

    Customer can assess themselves whether the old part can be refurbished using some simple criteria. During this online assessment, an indication is given whether a credit note will be issued for the old part.

  • Returning old parts

    Returning old parts

    If the old part is returned through a service partner, the credit note will be issued immediately.

  • Refurbishing the old part

    Refurbishing the old part

    The old part is refurbished by our in-house experts. This ensures that the refurbished components are always state of the art and deliver exactly the same performance and quality as a new part.

  • Inventory


    We can provide excellent availability through the central inventory at our central warehouse and the resulting logistics.