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Gardening and landscaping

Construction machines as versatile as gardening and landscaping

Powerful and flexible construction machines play a crucial role when it comes to designing and maintaining landscapes and gardens. They help to optimally support the labour of the landscaper and enable the effective implementation of a wide variety of landscaping projects.

Liebherr construction machines offer the perfect combination of state-of-the-art technology, sustainability and efficiency. Whether for the construction of sports facilities and schools or the creation of gardens and ponds for the greening of cities and urban centers to lower temperatures, state-of-the-art assistance systems and attachments support the gardener in efficient landscaping and fulfil the changing requirements on the construction site. Last but not least, gardeners share a love of nature. With low-emission construction machines, we are helping to protect the environment.


Requirements in gardening and landscaping

  • Mobility
  • Performance
  • Flexibility
  • Sustainability


Mobility plays a decisive role in gardening and landscaping. A manoeuvrable and compact machine concept is essential to ensure that machines can be used efficiently even in the tightest of spaces and manoeuvring conditions. Another important aspect is the quick and easy transport of the machines to the next construction site, which saves time and resources and thus contributes to the efficiency of the project.


High performance is the basis for maximum operational efficiency and therefore for faster completion of planned projects in gardening and landscaping. In addition to high stability, precise and safe working also requires a sensitive and powerful hydraulic system, while a travel drive with high drawbar pull is essential for fast work processes.


A wide variety of operating conditions and constantly changing tasks require maximum flexibility from the machines. Versatile and quickly interchangeable equipment systems allow the machine to be equipped for a wide variety of projects and thus covers a broad range of applications. The use of a single machine with various attachments can save enormous investment costs and time.


All landscapers have one thing in common: a love of nature and gardens. Sustainability therefore plays an important role and protecting the valuable environment is a priority. In addition to low-emission machines or electric powered vehicles, low fuel consumption and the use of environmentally friendly hydraulic oils are key factors in preserving nature.


Diverse applications in landscaping

Digging, excavating & modelling

The day-to-day business of many gardening and landscaping projects include preparatory earthworks such as digging and excavating topsoil, pulling and placing gravel, crushed stone and chippings as a substructure for paving or asphalt work, as well as preparing and carrying out planting work or soil replacement. Laying drainage, cables and pipes as well as modelling earth banks, terrain profiles, slope and bank reinforcements are all necessary for construction projects in landscaping.

Transport & erection

Where beautiful, large and creative things are created, a lot is in motion. From moving and loading bulk materials such as gravel, crushed stone, substrate or grit to transporting pallets or bulky objects such as trees or playground equipment, you need the right machines for daily material transport on the construction site. Especially when it comes to heavy objects such as boulders, river stones or natural stone walls, landscapers need powerful and sensitive helpers for transport and precise positioning.


The foundation of many construction projects, such as sports fields or golf courses, is levelled by manufacturing surfaces and grading. In horticulture and landscaping, it is not uncommon for complex terrain shapes and profiles to be created and modeled. High precision is required when distributing and levelling gravel.

Our responsibility


"Acting sustainably is not only a responsibility towards the environment, but also offers economic advantages. One decisive aspect is the use of machines with a low ecological footprint. Liebherr construction machines are characterised above all by their low fuel consumption. Fuel consumption is further minimised by automatically switching off the engine when the machine is idling. The Eco-Silent Mode is an innovative solution to reduce sound emissions. Another contribution to protecting the environment is the use of environmentally friendly hydraulic oils, such as the Liebherr Hydraulics Plus System, to reduce water and soil pollution. Hydrotreated vegetable oil ( HVO) is a fuel alternative to conventional diesel and is produced from renewable resources.

The L 507 E battery-powered wheel loader enables locally emission-free work.

The Reman programme

By using remanufactured components as part of our Reman programme, we are making an important contribution to protecting the environment and conserving resources. The Liebherr Reman programme offers a sustainable solution for preserving the value of machines through careful reconditioning by experts in accordance with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards. With its three stages (replacement components, general overhaul, repair), it enables cost-efficient repair work and extends the service life of machines. You also reduce your costs with attractive old part rebates.


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