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Liebherr Specialized Machines for Demolition

Liebherr Specialized Machines for Demolition

Regardless of the task, each demolition project is unique and careful consideration should be given when selecting the proper equipment. Liebherr offers a full line of purpose-built heavy duty demolition equipment and attachments for all stages of the demolition and deconstruction process. Liebherr´s high performance machines are built for reliability from top to bottom with rugged components for maximum endurance even under the toughest operating conditions around the world. From high-reach demolition excavators and attachments equipped with demolition control software, to industrial wheel loaders and crawler loaders equipped with Liebherr electronics and control systems.

Our goal is clear, at Liebherr, we are passionate about delivering solutions for your demolition challenges and help you succeed.

Crawler Excavators for Demolition

Their robust architecture, safety features and sophisticated engineering make the Liebherr crawler excavators the ideal machines when it comes to meeting the demanding requirements of the demolition industry. Liebherr demolition excavators have a 30-degree adjustable cab for a comfortable view of the surrounding work area. The stability of the excavator is guaranteed through the LDC (Liebherr Demolition Control) system. This system informs the operator in real time about the positioning of the attachment and tilt angle of the machine. Liebherr crawler excavators are available in various sizes, which allow full performance at every demolition task.

Wheel Loaders for Demolition

The powerful Liebherr wheel loaders L 526 – L 580 XPower® are extremely versatile. They are used in every stage of selective deconstruction, recycling of building materials and at processing facilities. Customers are able to choose between Z-bar linkage, industrial lift arm or parallel linkage depending of their needs. The ideal machine configuration can be created for specific loading and transportation of construction materials, demolition waste or for feeding a crusher plant with building debris.

The innovative drive concept of the Liebherr wheel loaders reduce fuel consumption of up to 30%. The drive concepts also create minimal tire and brake wear at the maximum handling capacity. This feature is highly beneficial to reduce fuel consumption and service costs for customers. The Liebherr wheel loaders are rugged, durable and offer a modern, ergonomic cab design to provide the maximum comfort to operators.

Crawler Loaders for Demolition

High mobility including the ability to turn on the spot, combined with exceptional breakout force, makes the crawler loader a highly versatile machine in demolition projects. Applications range from moving and loading material to tearing down structures or cleaning up once the job is done. Liebherr offers a wide range of protective options and machine guarding packages against rebar and other metal debris, heavy dust and falling objects. The spacious cab provides the best visibility of the attachments. The single joystick control or optional V-pattern controller with foot pedal steering allow for precise and smooth operation even on the roughest terrain.

Material Handling Machines for Demolition

Material handling machines are all-around talents in demolition. From demolition work, to loading and unloading of trucks and containers, to sorting tasks or moving materials of any kind – Liebherr material handlers perform at their highest in all of these tasks. The perfect engine technology paired with the optimal interaction between electronics and hydraulics, make the Liebherr material handlers the most efficient machines. They are designed with special demolition equipment such as air filters, reversible fans or coarse matrix radiators. Cabs can be raised and lowered to get a perfect view of the operator’s work area.

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