DAT 450 wind Slewing drive

The slewing drive DAT 450 wind is part of the Liebherr series-production for wind turbines. The gearbox size 450 can be designed with a short output shaft (design 1) or long output shaft (design 2) and is suitable for use as a yaw gearbox.
Reference output torque, dynamic 63,800 Nm
Output torque Tmax 121,700 Nm

Reference output torque, dynamic 63,800 Nm
Output torque Tmax 121,700 Nm
Areas of application Wind energy
Gear transmission ratios (yaw) 712.5 / 1,140 / 1,260 / 1,628.9 / 1,954.2 / 2,143.8
Type Design 1 Design 2
Diameter of centering seat [mm] 395 360 / 440
External diameter [mm] 483 540
Pitch circle diameter [mm] 435 500
Housing diameter [mm] 440 440
Number of bolts 24 30
Diameter of bolts [mm] 26.0 22.0
Installation depth [mm] 115 337
Height of centering seat [mm] 32.5 10.0 / 70.0
Gearbox height [mm] 620 465
Flange height [mm] 50 30
Number of teeth (output pinion) 13 12
Gear module of output pinion 22 22
Height of output pinion [mm] 165 210
Weight (three-stage model) [kg] 630 515
Diameter of output pinion [mm] 350 330
Yaw systems

Yaw systems

Yaw gearboxes, so called wind tracking mechanisms, adjust the nacelle to the particular wind direction. In order to transmit the required high adjustment forces, the use of several slewing drives is recommended.

Slewing bearings

For over 70 years Liebherr has been manufacturing top-quality large diameter slewing bearings. Depending on requirements, various dimensions are available. Product portfolio Large diameter bearings


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Swivelling drives

Liebherr develops special swivelling drives for applications which are exposed to high dynamic loading during the rotating movement (e.g. excavator). Swivelling drives