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IoT gateways

What is an IoT gateway?
Within the framework of the Internet of Things (IoT), physical elements such as machines are connected to each other and to the Internet. The aim is to implement efficiency-enhancing applications such as predictive maintenance, machine-to-machine communication and the automation of mobile machines. An IoT gateway is the key to this connectivity, as it establishes contact between the machine and the cloud in both directions: On the one hand, it collects the necessary data, processes it and transfers it, to a cloud for example. On the other hand, it provides the machine with data from the cloud, e.g. a digital map with yield information for precision agriculture or a firmware update for the engine control units distributed in the machine.

Does the gateway support other operating systems apart from Linux?
Currently the gateways are equipped with a Linux operating system. We are pleased to offer other operating systems on request. Why did we choose Linux? It is not only a stable and reliable system, but also enables flexible application possibilities of the gateways, which go beyond standard telematics applications such as position detection.

The MCG is pure hardware. What about the software?
There are two possibilities:
Case 1: You do not have any software development experience yourself. We are pleased to provide you with the support you need for the implementation of your application. Firstly, we can organise a workshop with you for use case analysis and clarify the next steps. In terms of software, we work together with partners, with whom we will be delighted to put you in touch.
Case 2: You already have software development know-how available and have identified concrete applications. With our open Linux system you are completely free in terms of system architecture.

Which industries and machines suit the gateways?
Whether agriculture, material handling, road construction, construction machinery or industrial automation - our IoT gateways are suitable for all industries. Due to their robustness, they are ideal for use in mobile machines such as tractors, excavators or harvesters.

Do the technical requirements of the IoT gateways match my machine?
Please find technical data of the gateways here. On request, we will be happy to conduct a workshop with you to introduce you to the hardware and software architecture. In addition, we are pleased to offer further services. Contact us.

SIM cards

What about SIM card installation for the gateways?
The gateways are suitable for any commercially available Micro-SIM. Alternatively, an eSIM can be installed. Depending on your requirements, we can deliver the gateways with your own SIM card configuration.

Which SIM card providers does Liebherr support?
We have already gained experience with the providers Telekom and Vodafone. We support other providers if required with pleasure.

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